5 Investment Opportunities That NRIs Can Explore in the Indian Real Estate Market

The Indian real estate market is in the process of a significant transition. After a slowdown, the market is witnessing signs of revival propelled by lesser interest rates and better market prices. Apart from Indian residents, the housing sector is also an attractive investment opportunity for NRIs.

It is no wonder that 63% of NRIs prefer real estate over other investment options. When they invest in housing, they create a secure asset class for themselves. It gives them a safe haven in case they choose to come back. Secondly, it also gives them an alternative source of income for the ripe age.

Let’s examine 5 opportunities that NRIs can explore in the Indian real estate market.


The South Indian Market

South India is an attractive market for NRIs who are looking to invest in real estate. With reasonable land prices and reliable projects, the market offers housing across different segments. Big cities that are commercial and corporate hotspots offer high rental income. By investing with the right developers, NRIs get a golden chance of converting their hard-earned money into wealth.

Aparna Constructions is a leader in housing projects in South India. The group is a trusted name across the nation and is committed to completing the projects on time. 


Different Housing Segments

Indian demographics call for different types of housing segments. From modest and affordable to smart and luxurious homes, the market has a lot to offer. It gives flexibility to the NRIs to invest as per their comfort. Historically and statistically, the NRI real estate market consists of luxurious and open 3 and 4 BHKs.

Aparna One is an ultra-luxurious project in Hyderabad built with a focus on NRI tastes and preferences. The smart apartments are equipped with the latest technology and accessories to fit into their needs.


Economic Environment

The rupee is riding low in the global market, thereby enhancing the prospects for NRIs. By shelling out lesser money, they can buy bigger and better homes in the Indian market. 

The current COVID pandemic has brought down real estate prices. However, there is speculation that large cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore will soon see a spike in demand fuelled by this economic environment. Moreover, as more and more people are working from home, there is a growth in the demand for open and spacious houses.


Good Deals and Bargains

To clear the inventory and draw new customers amid the slowdown due to the pandemic, builders are offering lucrative deals. They are offering simplistic and creative payment schemes for the benefit of buyers. With low-interest rates and high rentals, the real estate market offers NRIs an investment opportunity that is hard to miss. As the market will appreciate, NRIs can make better returns at low-interest rates.


Stricter Reforms and Regulations

With RERA, the government has brought transparency into real estate transactions. The regulation works in favor of buyers and protect them from any malicious intent of developers. Most importantly, it protects the money of buyers and ensures that builders finish the projects by the proposed deadline.



With their families and heart behind in the country, India will always be the first home for most NRIs. The housing sector allows them to maintain that connection. It is an attractive investment option that offers good returns and also creates a second income stream. 

If you are an NRI real estate investor who is looking for a reliable housing project in India, then get in touch with Aparna Constructions today!

Last updated on December 14, 2020

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