5 Permanent Changes About Buying Home After COVID

The pandemic took us by shock. The dynamics of buying houses went through drastic changes in this period. Be it the dimensions of the space, the amenities, or the location- everything else is tweaked quite a bit from the standard norms and regulations.

We always lookout for the gated communities that meet our requirements and catch up with the trends- a complete package. Aparna’s newly built luxurious gated communities in the Kompally area offer that. Below are some of the rightful changes we noticed in peoples’ expectations post-COVID, and we believe many of these are for the greater good.

1. Extra Spacious Houses

People being in quarantine realized the importance of spaciousness in their homes. We learned that there must always be enough air in the rooms for a pleasant mood and continuous air exchange with the surroundings.

Aparna tailored its new luxury apartments in Kompally based on all these aspects. The vast 2bhk/ 3bhk apartments in Kompally are something you must check out if you are looking for some luxurious flats in Hyderabad. 

2. Amenities+

The restricted movements during the quarantine had quite an impact on our lifestyle. There are hundreds of times we wished for a full-fledged gym in our gated community. Some might have wanted a beautiful park, while some craved a swimming pool. All these amenities were once accessible, but with the pandemic, the question- why can’t we have all of them in our community itself?

Aparna heard you loud and clear, and the answer comes in the form of brand new luxurious apartments for sale in Kompally that are well-equipped with everything that’d bring the lifestyle you desired into the community.

3. Surroundings

Climate change is real. The extreme weathers in our region are proof of that. To part ourselves from the hustle-bustle of the city, all we need is a luxurious gated community that nestles in a peaceful environment. The pandemic taught us the importance of living in a hygienic environment, and it is one of our topmost priorities.

A healthy lifestyle has overtaken the notion of everything for good. If you are looking for a home in a calm and composed environment, Aparna Constructions has something for you. It is high time you check out Aparna Kanopy YellowBells and Aparna Kanopy Marigold, the luxurious apartments in Kompally well-placed in one of the most beautiful parts of Hyderabad.

4. Healthy community:

The two-year hiatus in social interactions and strict social distancing made us realize the importance of relationships. An enriching community experience is what people are craving today in the urban lifestyle. A healthy space to share stories, be part of cultural exchange activities and celebrate festivals.

Aparna Constructions’ decades-long experience in planning and building family-friendly luxurious gated communities will fulfill these needs.

5. Accessibility

Not too far, but at an accessible distance- this is one of the codes Aparna’s new-gen gated communities cracked for you. No more than a mile away from the major landmarks in the city, Aparna Kanopy YellowBells and Aparna Kanopy Marigold offer you the most luxurious gated communities in Kompally.

These apartments consist of the 2bhk/3bhk apartments for sale in Kompally, one of the economically sunrise spots in Hyderabad city.

Last updated on May 24, 2022

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