5 reasons to buy a home in the Kompally area

Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing IT hubs in the world. The massive expansion of IT industry has welcomed a new dawn of high living at a very reasonable price. The rise in employment rates has paved the way for schools, colleges, and real estate facilities that have sprung up to offer a new pattern of life. If you are planning to own a residential property in Hyderabad, Kompally is the first choice. You must be wondering what makes Kompally area a favourite among buyers. You have your fair share of questions before you buy a house. Will every brick be your money’s worth? How long will it take to reach your office from your home? Will there be enough space for your children to play? How secure will it be if you leave your house alone for a long vacation? Here are five reasons to know why people are choosing Kompally area for investment.

  1. Connecting the home to the world – A house with good connectivity can make your life easier. The easy solution to reach the office on time. You don’t have to start early for office anymore. You can have that extra time to complete your sleep. It is located close to the NH44 highway, which ensures the free-flowing of traffic. World-class educational institutes like Kennedy International School and DRS International School are situated nearby. In case of any emergency, Balaji Multispecialty Hospital in this area provides a 24×7 specialty care. Kompally area has been planned in such a way that everyone gets every facility at a stone’s throw distance.
  1. Close to the city yet far from the noise – The location inspires you to live every moment. Houses at Kompally area offer you a life with a perfect blend of nature and technology.
  1. High Security – You don’t need to double-check your door lock before you leave the house. Residential communities in Kompally area are equipped with modern CCTV cameras and a team of highly skilled security personnel is appointed to protect your property day and night.
  1. Open spaces to cherish every moment – One of your best memories as a child was running around on the green lush fields with friends and making up new games. You want to give your child the same childhood. Houses at Kompally area come with open spaces to mark the happiest days filled with joy and laughter.
  1. A high return on investment – Every year a high percentage of the country’s population is settling down in Hyderabad. The demand for real estate is on a rise and Kompally is a hit among the buyers. Invest your money at the right time and in the right place to make the most of it.

If you are looking for a property in Hyderabad that is too good to be true and yet real, stop searching and start checking out projects of Aparna Constructions in Kompally area. Invest wisely to get the maximum return on investment.

Last updated on October 11, 2019

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