Top 5 reasons to pick Nanakramguda as the destination of your new home

5 reasons why Nanakramguda must be the destination for your new home.

While we are going house hunting, the first thing that comes to our mind is the location we want to explore. The location plays a major role in deciding the house you are going to buy. You want a house that is nearby your office, nearby good schools if you have kids, and it should also be near some entertainment spots to have fun on weekends without getting stuck in traffic.

Some other factors that make a location a good place to buy a house are the crime rates in the locality, accessibility to public transport, availability of good healthcare facilities, and connectivity to the city. Nanakramguda is one such place in Hyderabad that is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after locations for residents and many builders are competing to build the best homes for people in and around Nanakramguda. It is already one of the biggest residential hubs in Hyderabad and is a fast-developing area.

Here are five reasons why Nanakramguda must be the destination for your new home-

The location you choose will automatically determine the price you are going to pay for the property you want to buy. Nanakramguda is a place that has the scope of development in the very near future. Nanakramguda is already located in the Financial District, which is an IT, real estate, and architectural suburb in Hyderabad. Nanakramguda is located away from the city but has all the prime facilities like schools, colleges, universities, top healthcare facilities, and IT hubs in and around the Financial District making Nanakramguda one of the best locations to own a home.

Nanakramguda is rapidly becoming one of the biggest residential hubs in Hyderabad and most of the new homebuyers today are young to middle-aged people. If you are in this age group, you will have many like-minded people in the same neighbourhood. You can say Nanakramguda is a good neighbourhood because it offers good accessibility, peaceful neighbourhood and has numerous amenities that will benefit you in the long run. Being a central location, it is always under the surveillance of the police so it also has a low crime rate too.

Scope for Development
Nakanramguda has good amenities and is centrally located but this is not enough to say that is a good place to buy a house. Scope of development in the future and availability of future amenities is what makes Nanakramguda a good place for investment and for living.

Away from the City
Many people refrain from buying a house which is right beside the main road because of all the noise and air pollution affecting the house. Nanakramguda is located away from the city’s traffic and is surrounded by lush greenery so that you have fresh air to breathe and spend your evenings in peace and quiet.

Types of Houses Offered
If you go to Nanakramguda for house hunting, you will many gated communities that offer different variety of homes. Because Nanakramguda is on its way to becoming one of the biggest residential hubs in Hyderabad, new gated communities and houses are being constantly added to the real estate market there so that homebuyers can choose from the wide variety of houses that best suits their personality and lifestyle alike.

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Last updated on April 25, 2022

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