Checkout some of the sustainable residential construction techniques.

5 Sustainable Residential Construction Techniques

There is a growing concern about global warming and climate change among us as it should be. Scientists are constantly researching how to develop sustainable resources so that we can leave a planet that is habitable for future generations. By changing our lifestyle and saving energy, we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and natural resources, but this can not be a permanent solution for climate change and global warming.

Many commercial and residential structures are shifting to renewable resources like rainwater and sunlight to produce energy and tackle water shortages. Building a property that can efficiently use resources for the basic needs of the residents and a property that is built using environment-friendly resources are called green buildings. Green buildings and green construction focus on using renewable resources like using sunlight for electricity, working towards reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, using natural resources like water efficiently, all the while providing quality and comfortable life to its residents.

Here are some examples of sustainable residential construction techniques-

Solar Panels
Solar energy can be exploited as long as there is the sun. As solar energy is one of the resources that can never go extinct(for at least another couple of billion years). Including solar panels in residential construction can reduce the consumption of natural resources for electricity generation. Installing solar panels can be a costly affair but it is immensely cost-efficient in the long run. All the structures that come under sustainable residential construction can be self-sufficient when it comes to energy production and consumption.

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Purification
Rainwater harvesting is one of the most efficient ways to store rainwater so that we can use it when there is a scarcity of water. But for a property to be classified as a green building, having a rainwater harvesting plant alone is not enough. There must also be plants that can recycle wastewater and make it fit enough for reuse. Having a water purification plant in the community will reduce the water going through the sewer that ultimately connects to one river or the other leading to water pollution. The recycled water can be used for many purposes like watering plants, washing vehicles and using that water in the bathroom. Including water treatment plants in residential construction can immensely reduce the water costs for its residents too.

Green Surroundings
Having greenery all around the community is not only beneficial but also much needed for green constructions. Having a green surrounding with local and exotic plants and trees can be an attractive aspect for new homebuyers too. This will also purify the surrounding air making it a healthy environment to live in.

Using Efficient Technology
Using efficient technology for residential construction does mean that, technology will enable us to work efficiently and reduce the time required for residential construction. But additionally it also means that, using efficient technology for green residential construction helps in reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources, the emission of greenhouse gases and also it helps in completing the construction faster.

Using Environment-Friendly Building Products
Using products that emit low greenhouse gases and leave a minimal amount of waste behind for residential construction can be hugely beneficial for the environment and it can improve the overall health of the residents too.

Including environment-friendly products for residential construction can help properties to earn green building credits allotted by institutions like IGBC. These products include paints, adhesive, wood, flooring, etc.

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Last updated on March 15, 2022

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