7 reasons why independent houses in Kompally should be on your watchlist

Almost everyone dreams of living in an independent house with its own garden, well-connected to the city, yet away from its noise and pollution. This dream house may remain a dream for most, but if you keep an eye on the independent houses in Kompally, you might actually find yours! Located 20 km to the north of Hyderabad and on NH7 (which connects Nagpur and Secunderabad), Kompally is fast becoming a much sought-after residential hub. If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover 7 great advantages of having villas in Kompally on your watchlist.


24/7 Security

Many independent houses in Kompally are a part of gated communities, which guarantee security and promote a sense of community. Thus, you will get your own personal space, but you will also never feel isolated.


Community facilities

Being a part of a gated community also means that you can avail common facilities like the gym, library, swimming pool, children’s play area, high-speed internet, etc. And of course, you will always have company if you want to participate in group activities like exercising or picnicking with your neighbours.


Rising demand

Property development is flourishing in Kompally, and the residential living conditions as well as the infrastructure are constantly improving. As a result, investments are also on the rise, since the payoff is quite promising.


Perfect location

The houses are situated in such a manner that you get to experience the bliss of living close to nature, while also enjoying the benefits of living close to the city.


Good connectivity

Kompally is one of the best locations for villas in Hyderabad because it is well-connected to major landmarks in the city. The Gundlapochampalli MMTS station is just 1.5 kilometres away. Being located on NH7 assures ease of heavy vehicle transport, in addition to providing access to other cities connected by the highway. There are several colleges and international schools nearby, as well as hospitals; for example: Kennedy International School, DRS International School, CMR Engineering College, Balaji Multispecialty Hospital, etc. Kompally is close to IT hubs in the city, such as HITEC City and Mahindra Tech Park. Grocery shops, hotels, banks, and supermarkets are also close at hand.


Spacious houses

Since they are independent houses and the area involved in the gated communities is considerably large, the houses are spacious and luxurious.



Finally, all these benefits are available at very reasonable prices, making Kompally an economical choice. It is also advantageous to those who invest money in property to get rental income in return.


if you’re now persuaded, come check out our gated community villa project in Kompally – Aparna Kanopy Lotus. Make a well-informed investment and rest assured, you will not regret it!

Last updated on October 31, 2018

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