7 reasons why Shankarpally plots are the best bet for people who want to build their dream home from scratch

For most people, building their dream home is what they live for. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, there’s always a dilemma regarding investment on real estate. It is about choosing a plot area over a gated apartment or what is more beneficial. In most cases, buying a plot area is a better investment option considering its high resale value as compared to other residential properties. Besides, areas like Shankarpally offer great infrastructure and are well-connected to the city. It is also not too far from the IT corridor. There are reputed schools in the area and the growth is fast-paced here when it comes to development. Greenery, corporate schools and less traffic have played a significant role in attracting executives to purchase open plots in this suburb of Hyderabad.

Here are the 7 top reasons why Shankarapally plot areas are a better choice for real estate investment:


Generally, the prices of land are relatively lower as compared to other residential properties. In such cases, the property tax is also not as much, if you make that comparison. Besides, there’s no maintenance that is required, which eventually proves to be a cost-effective option for sure! That’s a big factor why Shankarpally plots are a great option!

Excellent Social Infrastructure

With rapid development, Shankarpally has a good ecosystem of educational institutions as well as recreational facilities in the area. There are reputed schools here, which makes it easier for families with children. There are also prestigious colleges like St. George College of Education and IIT in close proximity. Besides, the Lahari resort as well as other shopping complexes serve as great entertainment options!

Appreciation in prices

Plot prices do vary taking into consideration the location, size and the available space. These plots appreciate at a much higher rate as compared to residential apartments. Land prices generally increase when the infrastructure in the area grows and develops. This means higher return on investment!

Location and Accessibility

With close proximity to Cyberabad, this location is much preferred by IT professionals. India’s largest planned city houses the country’s biggest names, including Amazon, Facebook and Google. The proposed 4 lane highway along with the 100 feet road will bring Cyberabad even closer to Shankarpally, turning it into one of the most important investment destinations in Hyderabad.


Plots are delivered without hassles and prove to be more reliable than apartments. Additionally, there are no financial commitments once the payment has been made. So, investment in Shankarpally plots seems like a great idea!


If you purchase a plot, it gives you the flexibility of constructing a larger area, while considering your budget constraints and other needs. In the case of apartments, one can’t increase the number of rooms, while with plots, one can if you acquire necessary permits and sanctions.

Multipurpose use

The biggest advantage of investing in a plot is to use it in whatever way you like, be it as agricultural land or for residential purposes. You can also opt to later sell the plot to a developer for commercial use. Plus, these Shankarpally plots have the best of amenities for a good living!

Low maintenance

The cost of maintaining a plot is much lower than an apartment. One need not worry about repairing the house or have any other concern about its upkeep. There is hardly any additional maintenance to take care of!

Shankarpally is a beautiful suburb near Hyderabad that provides you the opportunity of building your dream house on an open plot among lush green landscapes with a luxurious lifestyle experience. Aparna Western Meadows is a great option to invest in with its promise of easy living with a luxurious touch!

Last updated on December 27, 2018

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