7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Connected Homes for Your Future

With technology governing our lives in every sphere, it is also making its way into our homes. Smart home technology enables previously unthinkable facilities like motion sensor lights, security camera access on your smartphones, automatic lights, and audio speakers.

It also brings together multiple devices, appliances, or systems on one common network. By allowing homeowners to manage their homes remotely, such technology is enabling connected homes.

Due to the busy lives that we lead, connected homes, which are currently considered a luxury, will become a necessity in the future. Let’s look at why these futuristic housing options are hailed as the future of living.



You must have days when you are unsure if you locked the door before leaving the house. Or you can’t stop thinking about the water heater that you think you forgot to turn off. In the current scenario, you may have to rush back if there is no one at home. 

However, connected homes allow you to access all your home devices and appliances from your smartphones. Armed with the assurance that you are in control of everything, you can step out freely.



The smart home technology business is becoming so lucrative that even the top giants are venturing into the field. The result is a much-advanced home technology that allows you the flexibility to add new devices or appliances to your existing system.

Moreover, you can access your network through one single mobile app. You can control and manage everything, from locks to electrical appliances to security cameras, using one application. 



Today, people are growing more conscious of their carbon footprint and resultantly seeking ways to curb their energy usage. Since residential homes are the biggest consumers of electricity, the best way to be mindful of how you treat the environment is by living in a tech-savvy home. 

Smart homes like Aparna One allow more efficient use of lighting and water, thereby dramatically reducing energy usage and bills.


Better Living

Smart homes allow you every opportunity to improve your lifestyle, be it keeping a tab on the units of electricity you use each month or knowing the proportion of fresh foods in your house vis-a-vis processed foods. 

If you wish to stay healthy and lead a more eco-friendly way of life, connected homes will have the solutions for you. The underlying smart technology can generate useful insights and make you more aware of your habits. 


Lower Insurance Rates

Reduced coverage costs are an added benefit for homeowners who want to safeguard their dream home against any potential damage. Smart homes, with their advanced systems, are much more safe and secure. With smoke detectors and anti-theft alarms, insurance companies get every reason to offer premium rates at lower costs. 



For those busy working professionals who are always scrambling for time, connected homes will be a blessing. On days with jam-packed schedules, you can run your wash cycle, pre-heat the oven, and start the dishwasher in a pinch. 

Projects like Aparna One allow homeowners to use voice commands to control appliances, thereby increasing efficiency in completing chores.



Finally, everyone wants to be safe when inside the house. Even when you are on your vacation, the safety of your ailing parents or your expensive belongings can act as a dampener. With connected homes, you will get added security in terms of alarms and instant updates on your smartphones.  



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Last updated on December 15, 2020

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