7 smart home ideas for your home

A smart home is nothing less than a necessity these days for home buyers as it’s a matter of security, convenience and pride. Owning a home with smart devices or renovating your old house with smart home ideas can entirely give a contemporary and modern look to your home. From a controlled switch to automated lighting, there’s plenty of smart home ideas that one must try for. Here we have shortlisted some of the most commonly used home automated ideas that are affordable, yet appealing.


Smart video doorbell

Security is what every one of us looks for in a residential project, be it flat or house. And when it comes to smart home ideas for safety, this intelligent video doorbell is a big hit. A smart video doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies the owner when someone has arrived at the door. The notification can be in the form of a text message to his/her smartphone.


Smart heating or cooling

Whether it’s hot outside or cold, you can set your room temperature to your preferred choice with the help of these smart thermostats. A smart thermostat in integration with home automation; controls the heating and cooling of your home. They allow users to adjust the settings from other internet-connected devices like smartphones or laptops.


Smart lock

A smart lock system is one of the smart home ideas that every house owner would like to install. Especially when you are having kids, who keep going out to play without you knowing, then a smart lock helps you get notified about them. A smart lock these days comes with face-lock and key code, where you need to enter the code to open the door to get in or out. If it’s a long string of numbers, your kids are not going to remember them.


Smart Washrooms

Create your bathroom statement by installing LED shower lights, and Touch-Free Sensor controlled automatic toilet seats. Though this is something that not every buyer is keen on investing, but can surely change the aspect of your toilet to a smart one.


Smart lighting

Another important aspect of smart home ideas includes smart lighting. With a simple switch-press, you can light up your whole room with ambience lighting. Smart bulbs, wireless dimming bulbs and personalized lights can help in creating the perfect lighting for the room of your mood.


Smart smoke and water leakage detector

In your absence, if there’s a water or gas leakage, you get notified instantly before it becomes a safety hazard.


Smart home appliances

From Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker to Bluetooth speakers, home theatre gear to smart TV, there’s plenty of smart home appliances that can ease your living experience.


When it comes to cost involved, investing in a smart, automated housing property would be a perfect choice. And builders like Aparna Constructions have their upcoming and ongoing projects – Aparna One, that provides inbuilt smart home ideas for their clients.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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