Choose the Perfect Home According to Vastu

A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Home Planned According to Vastu

Vastu Shastra is a collection of guidelines from the Hindu ancient scripts that help in warding off the evil eye from the apartment or bungalow we are staying in. For the followers of Hinduism, Vastu plays a significant role in deciding whether to buy a house or not. As new home buyers, many people feel sentimental about the house and do not want to take a chance when it comes to the evil eye and the negativity it brings to their homes.A sense of satisfaction and safety arises in new homebuyers whose houses comply with the Vastu guidelines.

If you are not sure what Vastu is and how it affects the house, you are in the right place. Read on for a guide for choosing the perfect home planned according to Vastu to nullify evil effects on your home-

  • The first thing you need to understand is that Vastu does not only apply for independent homes but also flats. So if you have a question like “is Vastu relevant for flats?” the answer is always YES.
  • The kitchen is a representation of a cosmic fire in your home and maintains the perfect balance of the fire element in your home. Having the kitchen in the southeast direction will ensure the perfect balance of fire in your home.
  • Do not go for homes that are not rectangular or square-shaped. Irregular shapes are often associated with the invitation of evil into our homes. Cuts and extensions of the net usable area are not recommended for any flat. Extensions are associated with too much spiritual energy being present and cuts are associated with too little spiritual energy being present both of which are not good. If it is not possible, you can place your stove in the southeast direction without any concerns.
  • The placement of the main door used for entering and exiting the home is extremely important in Vastu Shastra. The main door should strictly be facing north, east or west directions. The main door facing south can be beneficial or dangerous depending on the location of the flat. Avoid houses that have main doors facing southwest, northwest, and northeast at all costs.
  • A lot of people face problems in life because they are not aware of the correct placement of the bathrooms in their houses. You must keep in mind that your financial, mental, and physical health is directly linked to your home. Avoid flats that have bathrooms facing north, northeast, and southwest directions. Avoid flats that have toilets directly facing the bathroom entrance.

Even if you have read the basic Vastu requirements, we recommend you visit a Vastu Consultant for an accurate Vastu for your home that is beneficial for your whole family financially, physically, and mentally.

Apartments in gated communities by Aparna Constructions are 100% Vastu compliant because we care about our customers’ sentiments and religious beliefs. we do not want you to have any negativity in your home when you are having a comfortable and luxurious life inside our gated communities. Visit the website to explore our 100% Vastu compliant homes.

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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