Aparna Price Protection Cover: Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy Real Estate In Hyderabad

Real estate demand in Hyderabad was improving in the first quarter of 2020 until the social distancing advisories by the government came into effect, which reduced site visits. Due to the subsequent lockdown, home buyers deferred their decisions until there was more clarity regarding the government response and the overall market outlook.

Now that the situation is under control, the market is expected to regain its previous momentum. It is unlikely to affect the Hyderabad real estate price trends, which will continue to appreciate.

Aparna is committed to stand tall with you as we emerge from these unprecedented circumstances. The Aparna Price Protection Cover is a guarantee that home buyers will not be affected by a price reduction. We believe that this is the opportune time to invest in real estate and our unparalleled APPC offer bolsters this sentiment.

Here are some reasons why now is the best time to buy real estate in Hyderabad before prices rise further:


Increasing Demand For Hyderabad Real Estate

Hyderabad has been comparatively unaffected by the nation-wide slowdown over the past few years. The city’s residential real estate market witnessed considerably higher demand across all segments, as compared to other major cities. Hyderabad real estate has room for price appreciation because the city offers affordability and value without compromising on amenities.


Increasing Prices of Raw Materials

Construction costs will increase as allied sectors such as cement, sand, and steel rely on importing raw materials which may see restrictions. This will cause the supply of building materials to decrease and accordingly their price will rise.


Increasing Cost of Human Resources

More support will be required to ensure the health and welfare of workers. Construction costs will increase due to the additional labour maintenance costs, as well as the paucity of workers during the lockdown.


Falling Rupee

The decreasing value of the Rupee against the Dollar results in inflated prices for raw materials which increases construction costs. Likewise, the depreciating currency value is benefitting NRI investors significantly as investors get more square feet of space for the same amount in the foreign currency. This is an opportune time for NRIs to buy property in Hyderabad.


Supply Chain Disruptions

A significant disruption in the supply-chain of raw materials may force developers to source from alternate markets, which will impact their price and increase construction costs.


Economic Relief Measures

The economic relief measures announced by the Government are extremely positive for the real estate sector at large. The near-term effects of the lockdown will be offset by these relief measures which look to bolster liquidity, facilitate credit flow and ease the pressure of timelines. This will allow real estate developers to recalibrate their business strategies and focus on high-priority operations without additional financial burden. It will also help ease the anxiety of home buyers and ensure the completion of projects. This will keep prices on their upward trajectory.


A Safe Investment

Real estate is viewed as a safe investment. The emergence of an economic crisis only reinforces this sentiment. Owning property elicits a high sense of security when there is uncertainty and turmoil in the financial market. Furthermore, home buyers will largely favour risk-free property investments during this time. There will be high demand for reputed developers with minimal execution risk, even if the property is relatively higher priced. Prices will continue to increase as home buyers will carefully consider the quality of the developer, project, neighbourhood, environment, and amenities.

Last updated on June 8, 2020

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