Aparna’s New-Age Homes Meeting The Growing Importance of Open Spaces

While many of us are already aware of the importance of fresh air circulation inside and outside the living spaces, many still focus on other aspects of the home like- the colors of the walls, flooring, interior, and floor designs. But, the last two years of the pandemic made us understand that ample air is all one needs to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

More often, in developing cities, to make it to the public park, one might have to travel a couple of kilometers. It is a tiring process. With the inception of the pandemic, people realized prioritizing having a vast open space in their gated community or choosing a place of such kind. Everybody craved having rich urban greenery, public gardens, and parks on their premises.

What changed about preferences for open spaces?

Most of the residents of luxury apartments are working professionals. The amenities, surroundings, and the size of the home are often designed based on the needs and requirements of people. Many of these specifications are as per the number of hours they spend at their homes. With the path-breaking changes in the working dynamics and the growing adaptability of Work-From-Home (WFH) attire, the needs of people changed too. 

Being home for months has altered the psychology of people to a great extent. Forbidden to the closed doors for more than half a day created a need to embrace the open space indoors, that too right on the premises of the gated community. Because of the pandemic, many people developed a habit of taking their evening strolls in their community surroundings which are not too far.

Open spaces were once called a luxury. But they are now a necessity. People now expect clean green surroundings to have a social time with their fellow residents. The growing health consciousness made people understand the importance of having an open space to enhance their mental and physical being. Open spaces also play a role in being productive, achieving better air quality, cooler weather, rich biodiversity, life expectancy, and a healthy atmosphere for the family to prosper.

Over 4 million people indirectly die every year due to physical inactivity. A lush green meadow can always motivate you to go on that evening run and do some daily yoga. One can also engage in gardening, casual meetups, and recreational events. Especially in the urban environment, open spaces are therapeutic for those who immerse in the hustle-bustle of the city throughout the day.

How do Aparna Constructions enhance your lifestyle?

Aparna has been monitoring the metamorphism in definitions of a dream house. Today, the big cities across the nation are experiencing more pollution than ever. The increasing traffic and population are trembling the hotspots of the city. Possible solutions to this problem are choosing a place far away from the city or buying a residential space nestling amid the lush green surroundings. The former can increase the commute time for work or various other things.

Aparna Constructions solved this problem by launching the new projects in some of the most strategic locations in the city. By grabbing one of these properties, you can enjoy having access to the main parts of the city while staying in a calm environment and embracing the best of nature. Be it Aparna Dharti’s residential plots or Aparna Zenon luxury apartments for sale in Hyderabad, almost all Aparna’s projects imbibe huge open spaces satisfying all groups of people. Both of the above are now attracting massive attention from potential Residential Home-buyers.

Last updated on June 27, 2022

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