Apartments near Shamshabad airport: 5 reasons why they’re a great investment opportunity.

Shamshabad is located in the suburbs of Hyderabad just near the international airport. There are several real estate projects coming up which are planned around the airport. The presence of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has boosted the demand and the price of apartments near Shamshabad airport.


  1. Low Price: This is the best time to invest in apartments near Shamshabad airport because the area is slowly developing and once it gets fully developed the prices of apartments are going to double up. So this is the time you should invest while the price is still low.

  1. High ROI: The return in Investment is double. Once the city gets developed you can sell your apartments near Shamshabad airport at a handsome profit. You should always invest in real estate when it is underdeveloped or developing. Once Shamshabad gets all the facilities and infrastructure the real estate prices are going to get spiked up for sure. At present this is the fastest growing city of Hyderabad which means it should not be long before the real estate price shoots up.

  1. Infrastructure: Several infrastructural projects are going on for the betterment of the living standard. Slowly this area will become host to some of the most luxurious and modern real estate projects. To support such a futuristic approach the government has taken initiative to improve water supply to the locality by extending water pipes and increasing the number of water storage facilities. Also, there are several projects undertaken by the government to supply uninterrupted power supply. Rapid developments like this will attract more real estate and corporate investors.

  1. Connectivity: Works extending the metro railways to cover Shamshabad. This will make commuting easy and effortless, which again will pull in new real estate plans from various real estate companies and also after this development takes place the prices will soar higher. Mahatma Gandhi bus station near Shamshabad has buses that connect to the states like Maharashtra, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. There are several city bus stands and bus depots, auto stands and taxi facilities all over the area that connects various parts of the state. Apart from this, the Shamshabad bus stand of the locality offers both A/C and non-A/C bus services to various parts of Hyderabad. Umidnagar railway station is at a 7 km distance from Shamshabad and Hyderabad’s major railway station. The Hyderabad Deccan railway station is only 25 km away and can be reached in less than one hour. Shamshabad is well connected to Hyderabad by smooth and wide roads like the NH7 PVN expressway, the outer ring road.

  1. Schools and hospitals: Apartments near Shamshabad airport are in close proximity to healthcare institutions and education facilities in Shamshabad. Hospitals like Trident Hospital, Apollo Medical Center, Indira Hospital, Vijayalakshmi Hospital, Navjeevan Hospital and Kerala Sanjeevani Ayurvedic Centre. Also, there are more than thirty CBSE and ICSE schools in the area, some of which are pretty renowned.

So overall Shamshabad is a good residential area and with the International Airport being so close to the area there are chances of corporate investments which will raise the necessity of residential properties. The area is already equipped with the best hospitals and schools of the state which makes it a great choice for family residentials. Shamshabad is still developing, and this is the right time to invest in apartments near Shamshabad airport before the property price spikes up.


Last updated on April 3, 2020

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