financial aspects while buying a home

Apart from security and a status symbol, a house is also denotes an investment. The only way to ensure a good investment is to research about it thoroughly before investing. The same rule applies while buying a home. Here are 7 financial […]

Can buying a ready to move-in home have any financial benefits over buying an under-construction property? The answer is – yes. Although, an under-construction property may comparatively fall a bit cheaper but the fact is that certain income tax benefits […]

budget 2018 impact on real estate

If you thought that this year’s budget gave a miss to the real estate sector, a closer look at it will change your mind. Though the financial statement has only a few direct provisions pertaining to reality, many of its […]

Get your Home Loan Approved

Imagine this- You save up for years, you do your research, you finally find your dream home and your home loan doesn’t approve!   Shattering, isn’t it?   Well, being approved for a mortgage is one of the biggest obstacles […]

benefits of Property Tax in buying a home

Property tax is something every homeowner has to pay up within a given time to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of the government. To facilitate these services, authorities have started offering several incentives which you can easily avail.   Let […]

CBIL impacts on home loans

CIBIL score is a term which, by now, we all must have come across at some point or the other. But what is it really?   What is CIBIL score?   Put in a nutshell it is the way TransUnion […]

EMIs for home loans

Buying a House? Plan Your EMIs First   If you consider the EMI vs rent ratio, Hyderabad is the best destination for buying a house in, according to ArthaYantra Buy vs. Rent report 2017. What are EMIs?   Equated Monthly […]

home loans

It’s a fact that everyone docks the dream of owning a home at some point. However, it’s no denying that the process of buying a home can get intimidating, especially from a financial point of view. But with some careful […]

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