Buy houses online: Research checklist to help in decision making

The online option for buying homes has been there for almost a decade. With technology, it’s possible to check their quality through virtual tours, identify their location, and make the final payment.

Real estate developers include the commission paid to the portal in their selling price. However, in order to make informed, correct decisions, you need to verify the information provided by the real estate sites.

It’s advisable to approach a reputable construction company when buying homes online since it is a big-ticket investment. You can keep the following checklist handy to choose the best property for your family.


The Reputation of the Builder

Depending on the desired location of your property, it is important to choose a project by a reputed builder. This minimizes the chances of problems with the title to the property or its quality.

For example, Aparna Constructions has worked on 45 premium projects in India, including Aparna Sarovar Zenith. They have over 23 years of experience building homes that cater to the needs of families, evident from Sarovar Zenith’s world-class amenities and access to top schools, hospitals, educational institutions, and work hubs


Clear Title Deed

The property should have a clear title deed without any encumbrances. This ensures no third party can make any legal claim to ownership. The developer should also produce NOC or a No Objection Certificate from the appropriate authorities like the Pollution Control Board.


No Pending Income Tax Dues

At the time of sale, the seller should have paid all pending income tax dues, if any. The developer should provide a certificate that all income tax dues have been paid.


Agreement Drafted by Builder

Check the builder draft agreement for the construction timeline, price escalation clause, area change, payment delay, payment on an actual cost basis, building plan changes, and transfer charges.

Ensure that the agreement is registered and have your lawyer verify the document for any discrepancies or doubts. This document is important because if the builder fails in any of the areas mentioned in the agreement, you can take legal action against them.


Marketable Title Certificate

The title certificate should be clear and marketable. Examine the property card that has details regarding the landowner’s name, survey number of the land, area of the land, the location, changes in ownership, details of owner’s loans from government bodies, pending litigation, and tax levied.


Collecting the Occupation and Completion Certificate

The developer should hand over the occupation and completion certificates before you get possession of your apartment. The completion certificate has details of the land, building plan, builder details, approved building height, and the project’s exact location.

The occupation certificate verifies that the building has been constructed according to the approved plans.


Ready or Under-Construction Property

Whether you buy a ready or under-construction property depends on your needs. In the case of a ready property like Aparna Serene Park, you can move in after complying with all the formalities.

You will have to live in rented accommodation for under-construction properties till you get possession of the apartment. However, you get the under-construction property at a lower price. In ready-to-move-in units, you know what to expect regarding the flat quality.


Penalty for Deficiency of Service

Go through the developer-buyer agreement for a clause mentioning penalties for poor service. If the seller does not deliver the property at the scheduled date or terminates the agreement, the buyer should be compensated according to the Supreme Court.


Choose The Right Developer

To avoid problems when buying homes online, consider striking a deal with a reputed developer with extensive experience such as Aparna Constructions. They ensure completion of projects on time, use innovation in their design, and have certified properties by reputed agencies.


Invest in the right property with Aparna Constructions and earn great returns!

Last updated on November 9, 2020

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