Current housing market trends in Hyderabad

The real estate industry, in general, and the housing segment, in particular, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Hyderabad. Out of all Indian cities witnessing a boom in housing demand in the last few years, Hyderabad has been at the forefront.

Hyderabad has always been a pioneer in promoting affordable, yet high-value housing units. With 65% of people considering 2020 as the best year to purchase a property, Hyderabad’s housing market is set for a quantum leap, once the virus fear subsides.

This article gives you a sneak peek into the current trends that are dominating the housing market in Hyderabad.


The Latest Housing Market Trends in Hyderabad

The housing market in Hyderabad is dynamic, which means what is in fashion today might become outdated tomorrow. The following Hyderabad housing trends have been creating the right buzz and are likely to stay here for the next few years.


  1. Affordable Housing

The year 2020 is one of the very few years when both income levels and interest rates are falling. Although consumers wish to avail of the benefit of falling prices, the ongoing pandemic has cast doubts on their stability of income.

Luckily, affordable housing has eased the burden from the shoulders of consumers and developers alike. While consumers get premium housing units at low prices, developers earn revenue by clocking more volume.

Hence, most properties in Hyderabad are now cheaper than ever. As a consumer, you can now buy luxury properties at a low price. As a developer, you can now sell more volumes, as low prices are drawing in more customers.


  1. Gated Communities

An area’s value is determined by its safety—the safer a neighborhood, the better the value of its properties. Although Hyderabad is one of the safest cities in India, no one can guarantee that the place will remain the same in the years to come.

A gated community helps preserve the sanctity and safety of a housing society, irrespective of the condition of the surrounding area. A few reputed developers in Hyderabad are taking it to the next level by making their gated communities intelligent.

However, because of the additional safety that a gated community provides, the cost of living in one might be a little higher than average homes.


  1. Digital Property Inspection

Technology has made life a lot easier. Earlier, consumers had to visit the property to know its features. Today, all reputed developers have uploaded everything on the internet, making it easy for property buyers to scan as many properties as they want.

Some world-class developers even offer you a ready reckoner of the floor plan, amenities, site layout, and materials used during the construction of the property.

Without even visiting the property, consumers can now take advantage of low property prices in an area and book online to get extra discounts and cashback.


  1. HNI and NRI Investments 

In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, high-value property developers are struggling with an overall slump in demand.

In contrast, property developers in Hyderabad are venturing into areas that were so far untouched, thereby moving towards a bright growth potential. This is because, in recent times, north and west Hyderabad has been witnessing a proliferation of HNI and NRI buyers.


Looking at the current housing market trends, we can fairly assume that people who invest in a property in Hyderabad now can reap rich dividends in the years to come.


As the property market becomes more lucrative, consumers across the board are flocking to Hyderabad for a quick appreciation of property value.

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Last updated on August 27, 2020

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