Debunking 5 Common Luxury Apartment Myths

In the past, the enduring image of a luxury home has been a palatial villa on a sprawling stretch of land. Villas, bungalows, and houses with backyards and gardens were very common and affordable in Hyderabad. As the city’s population has increased, the amount of available space has drastically reduced. Today, luxury apartments have taken their highly desirable place alongside villas in Hyderabad.


Luxury apartments in Hyderabad are on par with villas in almost every aspect. However, many myths about luxury apartments continue to persist. Let’s debunk the five common myths about luxury apartments.


Lack of Privacy


Luxury apartments do not have any privacy issues because they are designed keeping in mind the privacy of residents. The apartments do not share a common wall and there is a lot more space between the apartments. Some walls between apartments are even soundproof. Amenities available are also personalized for privacy purposes.


Not Social & Friendly


While myths about the lack of privacy continue to persist, so do myths about luxury apartments not being very social. Luxury apartments, especially in gated communities, are built on spacious grounds and have various recreational facilities such as swimming pools, parks, gymnasiums, children play areas, clubhouses and more – perfect for a fun gathering of family and friends.


Not Convenient For Everyday Living


Luxury apartments are anything but inconvenient. In fact, they are much more convenient when compared to independent villas. Luxury apartments have various amenities in very close proximity. Luxury apartments in Hyderabad, especially by reputed builders, are situated near offices, schools, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and hotels. Furthermore, any maintenance issues can be fixed without a problem. Luxury apartments have 24-hour power backup, plumbers on call, electricians and many more services available at any time.


Independent Villas Are Safer


Security in luxury apartments is available 24/7 at main entrances and throughout the gated community. Security guards have partnerships with local police stations and can call for backup during emergency situations. Furthermore, most security guards are trained in firefighting and first aid. A resident’s vehicle is always given appropriate parking space. Visitor vehicles have a separate parking space and their vehicles numbers are always noted. If you are leaving your home unattended for a long period of time, there is no need to worry about the security of your apartment.


Not Worth the Investment


Luxury apartments built by reputable builders in Hyderabad make a good investment. The apartments are surrounded by beautiful views and wide open spaces while offering all the conveniences of modern living. Luxury apartments are easy to rent out, especially if located near a business hub. Additionally, the resale value of luxury apartments in Hyderabad is very high. Investing in luxury apartments in Hyderabad can definitely be a great deal.

Last updated on January 3, 2018

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