DIY home décor that’ll be easy on your pockets

Individuals plan and save up every last penny to invest in their dream apartment. The feeling of finally settling down in one’s own house bought with hard-earned money is incomparably precious. Then very soon people start investing their time and energy in decorating the new abode to give it a personal touch of its own. Home décor is not all about fancy materials but it signifies the owner’s effort at turning the house into their beloved home. With various individuals having varied tastes and preferences, one can come up with endless home décor ideas. And not all will necessarily burn a hole in your pocket.

Here some incredible home décor ideas that will brighten up your living space without draining your wallet:

  • Exquisite looking flower pots: Everyone loves to adorn their house with plants. You can turn the look of those ordinary looking flower pots by spray painting them with metallic gold or silver colour. It will give a very lavish look and you can add to the charm of your living place by placing them in racks, shelves and miniature centre tables.
  • Custom-made racks: All you need is a piece of wood and the colour of your choice! You can spill all your creativity in painting them the way you want and attaching them in different corners of the house.
  • Wall-art: It sounds incredibly simple but the effect this home décor project will create on the overall look of our house is absolutely gorgeous. Choose one portion of the house where you have hardly any furniture around and give that wall a twist by spray painting or even drawing repetitive patterns with stencils.
  • Hand printed graphics: Take a sheet of white chart paper and ask all the members of your family to imprint it with their hands in different colours. Frame that and place it at any part of your house to make it more vibrant and personalized.
  • Lights and candles: By putting these illuminating objects into transparent or glass boxes, jars, etc. you can endow your house with a dreamy look. They look breathtakingly beautiful and enhance the mood of a cosy evening with your friends and family.
  • Glow in the dark wall paint: Your children will absolutely love it! All you need is to invest in some paint colours of your choice and then let your creativity and imagination flow on the walls.
  • Multi-coloured mirrors: Take a standard rectangular or square shaped mirror and colour them at your own will. Having a bunch of these in your house will definitely brighten up the space.

The above-mentioned home décor ideas will eliminate your need for any exorbitantly priced interior designer. These simple yet fabulous tips will turn your home into a grand space and with a bit of effort, you can easily achieve that straight-out-of-the-magazine look for your home. Settle into your dream apartment with ease and revamp its look with home décor ideas that are within your budget.

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Last updated on May 21, 2019

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