Do gated communities ensure better security?

Gated communities are built like private colonies for a fixed number of families, with a recreational hub right within the campus. Along with extensive amenities and lush greenery, they are associated with lower crime rates. Safety is one thing that one can be absolutely sure of when they are booking a house in a gated community. The perks of living in gated apartments are many. Intrusion and home invasions are not a common occurrence owing to restricted access to anyone other than the residents.

With inbuilt security features, 24×7 surveillance system, strict checking of the individuals being given access and vehicle parking safety, gated apartments indeed ensure better security than normal flats or villas. Some of the smart ways in which gated communities make their dwellers feel so protected are as follows:


Denying access to outsiders: This is perhaps the junction where half the battle against residential invasion is won. The security staff diligently checks for the members entering the premises and entry is denied to anybody who is an outsider or stranger. When guests of certain dwellers arrive within the campus, they are sent in only after complete assurance and verification. The limited access to outsiders make the occupants of the gated apartments feel more secure.


Smart home security features: Needless to say, deluxe apartments within the gated communities offer more privacy. Gated apartments are also fortified with smart home security features for easy detection of intrusion and for building a safer environment. Panic buttons are placed within the apartments for emergency situations so that connecting the helpline becomes easier. Even gas leak detectors are installed to alert the residents about the problem at the earliest.


Communal living: Gated communities pave the way for the harmonious way of residing amongst the settlers. Residents easily become familiar with each other and bond over meditation classes or tranquil walks along the community gardens. Such a solid and significant connection amongst the neighbours makes one feel more protected. Individuals can resist any threat or danger more easily when they are in groups. Such a unified sense of living further makes gated apartments the right choice for your family.


Eliminating external threat: Gated apartments are like the private island of select few, supported with the provision for basic amenities and even recreational facilities. Such a vast complex with immense options for relaxation and enjoyment, takes care of every need of the resident. Consequently, settlers do not have to go beyond their gated community for any requirement. Naturally, the risks of road accidents are also reduced. Within the very premise of the gated community, residents can fulfill all their needs and also stay secured against the chaos of the outside world.

Gated communities like Aparna One, Aparna Cyberlife and Aparna Sarovar Zenith provide the perfect living experience for its residents. The wide campus of these residential projects is serene, beautiful and intelligently constructed. The gated apartments of Aparna One also incorporate additional security features like the ‘Panic Button’ for medical, fire or other life-threatening emergencies. Know more about these exclusively designed opulent spaces here-

Last updated on July 31, 2019

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