Factors That Will Impact The Resale Value Of Your Home

The hub for all the demands of the complete family is a house, which is a significant asset. Consequently, selecting the ideal home is an important choice. While choosing a home, several elements are taken into account, including location, house layout and condition, room size, infrastructure, etc. Despite a home’s modernity and intelligence, its location can prove to be a trap. 


A variety of elements that can impact the home resale value should be taken into account when purchasing or selling a home. While listing your house, keep the following in mind.


  1. Location: Nothing can take the place of the property’s location, no matter how many more rooms or decks you build. The value of a home will be lower if it is next to a large factory than if it is a peaceful gated community. The type of neighbours you have may also depend on where your home is located.
  2. Renovations The resale value of the home may benefit or suffer as a result of renovations.  If you decide to renovate, make sure a professional, not a novice, completes the work. Invest in renovations that will increase the home’s resale value, like remodelling a kitchen or the family room.
  3. Construction: The labour and materials utilised in the construction, the builder who supervised it, and the interior fixtures and fittings all have an impact on a home resale value price. Estimates, a bill of goods, and the cost of labour and building materials at the current time can all be used to calculate the cost of construction.
  4. Vastu Shastra: The layout, where a project is located on the floor, the Vastu aspect, and the view from the house all contribute significantly to how a property is assessed.


A specific property’s worth would also depend on the availability and demand for properties of that size and type. The price or worth of a property increases with demand. The relationship between property value and supply is inverse, meaning that the more of anything is made available, the less valued it gets.


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Last updated on March 14, 2023

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