Five reasons why the current generation is opting for community living in Bangalore

As Bangalore grows larger with each passing day and urbanization prevails, the current generation is seeking its own identity and its own roots. There is a constant strive for better standard of living and new job opportunities. This has led to the advent of the concept of community living in Bangalore, a housing concept that provides a holistic living experience, catering to needs that go beyond just the basic concept of shelter.


The benefits of buying an apartment in a gated community go much beyond just providing you with a place to stay. Here are top five reasons why the current generation is interested in community living in Bangalore:


1. Safety and Security: Gated homes provide a secure and guarded surrounding for the family. These communities have inbuilt security and surveillance systems that keep away unwanted visitors and predators. The private roads within the apartment community also ensure that traffic inflow is controlled and there is a much-needed respite from the urban chaos and noise of Bangalore.


2. State-of-the-art Amenities: Whether it is a swimming pool or a power-packed clubhouse, these amenities add an element of luxury to your daily life. Given the stress of corporate life in Bangalore, the presence of such facilities helps hardworking professionals unwind with their family after a tedious day of work. The current generation firmly believes in working hard and playing harder. The concept of community living in Bangalore has ensured that they can relax over their favourite game of cricket or basketball or lounge by the pool and soak in the sun.


3. Strategic Locations: Most of the properties that provide community living in Bangalore are located in close proximity to the giant IT Tech parks. These IT parks such as the Manyata Tech Park in Nagawara are home to the best of Indian and multinational companies. This opens up a world of opportunities for talented professionals and job seekers. Easy commute to office also gives them more flexibility to spend time with their loved ones. These communities also provide easy access to shopping malls, schools and hospitals.


4. Support and Maintenance: These gated communities also provide good quality infrastructure and 24-hour support for any wear and tear, and maintenance work required. Further, the buildings, their fixtures and the outdoors are routinely serviced and well maintained. There are adequate provisions to cater to water shortages or electricity outages. This aspect of community living in Bangalore is extremely appealing to the working generation, as they can focus on leading a quality life without worrying about the small yet significant things that go into maintaining a property.


5. A Sense of Belonging and Pride of ownership: One of the most important reasons for choosing a gated community is that it fosters a sense of belonging. Living together gives the residents of the community plenty of opportunities to bond and socialize. It is here that the residents come together to celebrate festivals and special occasions and support each other in times of need. At the same time, at the end of the day, they have the luxury to return to their private lives and relax.


Given the many benefits of community living, it is no wonder then that the current generation is choosing it over traditional housing formats.

Last updated on November 4, 2019

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