Futuristic Real Estate trends in Hyderabad

In the last couple of years, Hyderabad has become home to several domestic and international corporate giants. It has caused a flow of the working class who are eager to build their careers in this city of pearls.

With the influx of this population that has more disposable income, the city’s real estate has also gone into a state of transformation. These upper-middle-class families are inclined towards living a luxurious and comfortable life.

They are willing to pay for extra services if it allows them to juggle their personal and professional lives more smoothly. Similarly, the corporates are also investing in commercial spaces that help them in offering a better working experience for their employees.

Here is a rundown of the real estate future trends dominating the market in Hyderabad.


Suburban Development

People want to move away from the congested city areas to enjoy a quiet life after work hours. It is the reason why new projects are springing up in the suburbs of Hyderabad. Moreover, the outskirts of the city are serene and green. They are also well-connected with most large IT offices that have also set up shop in suburban locations.

Located far from the main city area, these gated projects are self-sufficient. As they are fully equipped with amenities like swimming pools, spa, and salons, grocery stores, etc. the residents can enjoy all the services without stepping out. Some futuristic projects also offer concierge services to provide everything at residents’ doorsteps.

Buyers can check out Aparna Marigold if they are looking for all such advanced amenities in a project.


Fully-Managed Complexes

Security and 24-hour power connectivity are no longer considered to be amenities. They have become the hygiene factors for the projects in Hyderabad. The millennials want much more.

Imagine a valet ready to park your car as you drive home after a hectic day at work. Think about technicians, plumbers, and gardeners available at a phone call. Won’t it be great to also have a coffee shop and a multi-cuisine restaurant in your residential society?

Well, these are the new trends that are redefining luxury living in the current times. People are willing to pay for these luxuries and focus more on spending quality time with their families. It is one of the real estate future trends that Hyderabad should be looking out for.


Smart Homes

Today’s generation is technologically advanced and demanding smart homes. With remote working becoming a new norm, people are likely to be spending more time in their homes. They will appreciate technology at their disposal for a more comfortable life.

Smart homes equipped with centralized HVAC systems, smart locks, and high-tech appliances will gain steam in the future. Apart from their high levels of security, these homes are also more cost-effective for residential complexes.


Going Green

The buyers of today are more involved in the preservation of their environment. They consider it their responsibility and are actively looking for sustainable and green real estate projects.

The future will see a lot more real estate projects that have the facilities to harness solar energy, harvest rainwater for consumption and waste management systems.



With these futuristic real estate projects mushrooming in the city, Hyderabad is set to become the first avant-garde city in India. If you are keen to explore a home in Hyderabad that keeps up with the times, check out the ultra-luxurious projects by Aparna Constructions.

Last updated on August 28, 2020

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