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Accept it or not, this unhealthy lifestyle of ours is creating an impact on our society and the younger generation to get prone to serious health concerns. And everything is not going to change unless you start it from your home. Starting something new or bringing a change in your routine life can be stressful when you are not sure of where to begin. But you can rest assured that these changes can have a positive impact on you and your loved ones. Here are some eco-friendly lifestyle ideas that are worth trying.


Use recycled products

These days, every company chooses to manufacture products that can be recycled and used further. And thankfully, the world we live in today is much more into digitalization and computers, making it paperless. Also, using recycled products for your household purposes can protect the environment from dumping waste and toxins.


Carry a cloth/ canvas bag 

The next time you visit a grocery store, make sure you carry a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag. Disposable plastic bags do not compose quickly in landfills and hence are an utter waste of product. But reusable bags or canvas bags can be used for several uses and have a long-lasting life.


Switch to LED

Gone are those days of using CFL lamps to brighten your rooms. Today, there are LED lights that consume less electricity and save your power bills. LED bulbs waste very little energy compared to CFL lamps. The next time your light bulb goes off, buy energy-efficient eco friendly lifestyle LED bulbs.


A DIY compost pile or bin

The scarcity of land to dump waste and increasing demand for an eco-friendly approach has led many households to start a compost pile at their own home. The best thing about having a compost pile of your own is that you can save money on buying expensive compost to grow your plants better.


Cut down your power consumption

80% of the households in India have received a whopping five times higher electricity bill after this lockdown period. And the main reason is that; we were at home using the power to the fullest. There are many ways you can reduce the electricity bill for your home. If you aren’t using any electronic devices, then unplug them. If you aren’t charging your smartphone, unplug the charger and switch off the power.


Stop wasting water

While dishwashing or face washing, don’t keep the tap open to waste running water. Only wash your clothes in the washing machine when it’s loaded to the maximum.

That said, implementing these small changes in your life can also inspire many others to live an eco friendly lifestyle. If you believe in the power of sustainable living and are on the lookout for a community that promotes it, checkout properties by Aparna Constructions that are pre-certified by the IGBC. Water recycling plant, water efficient fixtures, solar panels, residential waste management & recycling.

Last updated on July 16, 2020

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