Here’s why demands for gated community apartments in Kompally are increasing!

Life has taken you to different places, through a lot of changes, and now you feel the need to settle down into a comfortable zone. If this is true for you, you’re not alone. All of us dream of a luxurious home and a good living style, with all facilities imaginable at our disposal. If space, aesthetics, convenience, community, and peace of mind are what you’re looking for, gated communities are just the thing for you! More specifically, if Hyderabad is your city, gated community apartments in Kompally offer you all you want, and more.

Here are the benefits of living in ultra-luxurious gated community apartments:

Trendy lifestyle
Ultra-luxurious gated communities are all they promise to be, and more. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable for all practical purposes. They are constructed using the latest architectural techniques and modeled on modern interior designs. The stylish look is achieved without compromising on the quality of the material. Some of these apartments also undertake a green initiative, which means that they create a safe and healthy indoor environment and try to minimize energy usage.

Facilities galore!
When life gets you down, you want to be pampered. Or maybe after a tiring day, you want a quick fix to all your daily needs. The in-house facilities in gated community apartments in Kompally include convenience stores, swimming pools, spas, clubhouses, indoor gyms, children’s parks, courts, theatres, etc. In fact, it is like living in a small but well-developed city, minus all the chaos and pollution.

Good connectivity
Gated communities are usually located in the most upmarket areas of the city. It is no different in Hyderabad, with the residential hubs in Banjara Hills, Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills, and of course, Kompally, being well-connected to all parts of the city. Kompally for instance is situated on the National Highway 44 (the longest-running National Highway in India) and the nearest MMTS station is only 1.5 km away. Also located nearby are good schools and colleges, hospitals, hotels, malls, and supermarkets.

Sense of community
Living in a large enclosed space far from the city might feel like you’re being isolated, but that’s far from the truth. The presence of other residents allows you to form close-knit communities. You can build better relationships with them through group activities like exercising together at the in-house gym, or picnicking in the lush green spaces in the community. All of this, without sacrificing your personal space.

24/7 security
Gated communities are well-protected. Along with security personnel who work round the clock, seven days a week, you also have good quality security and alarm systems. Besides, the entire estate is wired with CCTV cameras. Moreover, living with several other familiar people comes with its own sense of security.

Ideal location
Gated community apartments in Kompally are strategically constructed in an area far from the city. The landscape here is clean and green, giving you the full natural experience. On the other hand, you can also live the city life since the area is well-connected to important commercial complexes and landmarks in the city.

Are you still wondering why gated community apartments in Kompally are growing in popularity? Your question has certainly been answered – all of these perks, at such reasonable rates! If you’re now invested in the idea, go a step further and invest in property at Kompally. What better way to use your savings than to fulfill a lifelong dream? 

At Aparna Constructions, we make your dreams our own and bring to life all your plans. Our gated community project in Kompally is called Aparna Serenity and lives up to its name! Located at the lush green Suchitra Junction, it offers peace and comfort hand in hand.

Our other apartment project in Kompally is called Aparna Kanopy Marigold and it also promises the tranquillity of nature combined with luxurious living. 


Last updated on December 14, 2021

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