Home automation ideas for your dream home

With the advancement in technology over the past few decades, smart homes have also emerged as one of the few luxuries that people want to own. Whether it’s a single-storey house or a three-storey apartment, people are constantly on the lookout for a smart home to enhance their living experience.


Smart security

The first and foremost thing that one looks for in a smart home is to have an intelligent security system. The current trends in demand for security systems show an increasing graph with high-tech security devices and systems to keep the family members safe.

These include:

  • Smart locks and cameras for home monitoring and security
  • Smart water sensor for preventing flooding caused by water leakage
  • Smart fencing for providing additional security
  • Smart smoke detection system for safeguarding the family from fire and gas leakage


Smart lighting 

Set the perfect ambience in your home with customized lighting and home automation ideas. Smart lights are easy to buy and can be easily implemented with not much cost.

  • Smart dimmable lights for gradually waking you up as the alarm goes off.
  • Smart dimmable lights for around bedtime for getting you to sleep.
  • Smart outdoor timer lights to automatically switch the lights on even when you are not at home.
  • Smart halfway lights to automatically turn on when you need to use the washroom.


Smart entertainment system

There are plenty of sophisticated devices and systems to provide connected audio and visual experience through immersive technologies when it comes to entertainment at home.

  • Voice commands to request for your favorite playlist of songs
  • Smart TVs that include net browsing, gaming, and OTT platforms
  • Smart speaker systems that play high-quality videos and audios for every room.
  • Voice-activated controls and devices to respond to all your entertainment needs.
  • The automated playing of your favorite radio station while you enter the bathroom
  • Automated lock system for your front and back doors when you are watching a movie.


Smart alerts and notifications

Whether it’s an important meeting to be scheduled next week, or you have an international business trip, there are smart alerts to remind you of your schedules and priorities. Also, these alerts help you in getting notified about any problematic events around your home. Like for instance, if there is a pipe leakage in the basement, you will get notified by a text message. Some of them include:

  • Get notified when there’s a gas or water leakage
  • Get a text message when the kids get home from school.
  • Reminder notifications for vacuum filter and temperature settings.
  • Get notified about new mails and guest visits to your home.


Investing in a well-known luxury apartment is one way of having an automated smart home in your hands without waiting so long. And when it comes to automated smart homes, gated communities and luxurious skyline apartments of Aparna One are the best-in-class with the most exquisite home automation ideas.

Last updated on July 15, 2020

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