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Home Decorating Ideas on Any Budget

A well-decorated home is a reflection of one’s style, lifestyle, and taste that might be unique to them. If you enjoy shopping, exploring new places, and making great bargains- you can be assured that you will have a home that is a reflection of your unique aesthetic. 

Outlining your vision for your home and what you want it to look like is the first step. Whether it be an ode to your wild soul or a representation of your disciplined life – you can decorate your home the way you want it by following some simple tips as listed below.

Living room decorating ideas
The living room is the window to your life. Smart decorating ideas will help you create a living room that is welcoming while maintaining your personal taste as the highlight. You can use art by local artists, beautiful ceramic plates, or even art by your family to adorn the walls of your home. Remember to keep it uncluttered, as too much of anything will create a very unpleasant appearance. You do not have to buy art by renowned artists, or something that costs exorbitant amounts of money. Hunt your local gallery or art fest to find good artwork or ceramic work to display.

Bedroom decorating ideas
Bedrooms are personal spaces that should be decorated to make them cozy and comfortable for residents. It is always advisable to go for simple wall paints in very muted shades so that you can brighten the space with other more temporary accessories. It would cost you a lot more to change themes for your bedroom starting from paints and upholstery, whereas if the paints selected are neutral, the furniture selected sturdy and simple- you can experiment with bed linens and drapes. It is a great way to change the appearance of your private haven without spending too much.

Children’s room decorating ideas
Decorating your child’s room can be tricky. But you have to ensure that you keep in mind the child’s likes and dislikes while planning his or her room. While your child may love Barbie now, she will quickly outgrow it forcing you to reconsider the decor of the room. Hence it is advised to go for simple yet engaging room decor.

Add decals that are economic and easy to replace, upholstery that can be frequently changed instead of going for larger investments on one fixed theme. Add storage units that will take care of the changing needs of the child, and ensure that the decor helps the child learn, question, and be more creative. Adding chalkboards, pin-up boards, etc are a great way to make a room child-friendly.

Bathroom decorating ideas
While we do not lay enough emphasis on how we decorate our bathroom, it says a lot about us. While the variety of tiles available is unimaginable, it is wise to choose tiles that are not prone to go out of trend in months or even years as it is not feasible to change them frequently. Just like how trends like 3D tiles were a rage at one point, but for how long would they stand the test of time? Would they still be favoured as your home grows and inhabitants mature with age? Factors as these should be carefully taken care of, to prevent unnecessary expenditure that may arise as your taste keeps changing.

However, adding bathroom accessories is a very cheap and economic way to add personality to your bathroom. Instead of the traditional stainless steel bathroom set, you can add a ceramic or locally procured bathroom set. A boho bottle of hand sanitizer, with a matching bottle of shampoo, never went out of style.

Kitchen decorating ideas
The decor of the kitchen is centered more around storage than aesthetics itself. However, designs of homes with open kitchens, combined dining and cooking areas demand good aesthetics. As it remains a utility space, it is better to keep it simple and the accessories sturdy. Some accessories might look great, but they are easy to break making it an expensive affair to constantly replace them.

Clutter is one of the biggest issues in a kitchen so invest in smart and space-saving gadgets. It is more advisable to go for wall storage as it saves space and eliminates the need for more storage units. If you have kids around, use cutlery that does not break easily or is not prone to scratches as it is not only unsafe but expensive to constantly replace broken cutlery.

Last updated on March 11, 2022

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