Home insurance: Why it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A home is a place where people reside and spend time with their families to find comfort, and where they rejoice and create lasting memories. In today’s times, we identify the very word “home” with relaxation, peace of mind and security of our loved ones.


While trying to own a house or two of their own, most people end up spending their entire lifetime earnings (whether savings or on loan). Isn’t it wise then to take steps to protect your dream home from certain natural calamities such as earthquake and floods and other threats like burglary and fire? One must also ensure the house is secured against losses arising out of man-made mishaps such as terrorism and fire, among other things.


Benefits of having a home insurance:


Financial liabilities:

A good home insurance policy facilitates compensation for the loss/damage to household assets and provides a complete coverage against financial liabilities of your home. Most often, the policy would include protection against luxury and antique items, valuable jewellery, electronic appliances and furniture.
However, it’s better to always read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully to know what is included or excluded from the claim. For complete protection, the buyer should consider a policy that includes coverage for most natural disasters as well as burglary and theft.


Takes care of temporary living expenses:

In the event during the reconstruction/repairing of your home, a comprehensive home insurance policy will ensure you are not burdened with temporary living expenses while you stay in a hotel or in a rented accommodation.


Peace of mind:

There is no denying that fears surrounding the safety of homes worry everyone irrespective of whether in or out of the house. When travelling or out on a vacation, families feel more comfortable when they are assured that their belongings are covered by a home insurance. Indeed, it helps you in getting their lives back on track quickly.


Understandably, a home cover may not bring back the lost belongings, but, for a small payment, it can easily replace them. And on top of that, you get safety, security and peace of mind, which is unparalleled.

Last updated on September 8, 2017

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