How Home Buyers Are Using Digital Technology To Buy Luxury Real Estate

Hyderabad is one of the top luxury real estate markets in India and demand is increasing year on year. This growth is primarily due to Hyderabad’s developed commercial infrastructure. As more companies establish their presence in Hyderabad, this creates an enormous job market. The city’s position as a global IT/ITeS hub has had a direct impact on Hyderabad’s strong real estate surge, with luxury properties at the forefront of this growth. While much of the demand is fuelled by senior professionals and HNIs, Hyderabad is also among the top cities for NRI real estate investment.


Another key aspect spurring Hyderabad’s ascent to the top of the luxury real estate market is the immense value available without compromising on amenities and quality. Compared to other Indian metros, luxury homes in Hyderabad are comparably more spacious and better equipped for the same price. Luxury real estate in Hyderabad offers privacy, customization, sophisticated technology, modern amenities, and professional maintenance. Homebuyers can expect reasonable prices for world-class luxury homes with state-of-the-art amenities in premium localities.


The growing trend of working from home is encouraging homebuyers to opt for spacious and well-equipped luxury projects. The most sought-after luxury amenities include smart home automation, dedicated business centres, and recreational facilities as well as supermarkets and health centres for added convenience.


The pandemic has forced digital transformation upon the real estate sector. Staying connected to potential customers and maintaining a sales pipeline without the benefit of site visits is a challenge. Digital media has played a significant role in overcoming this challenge and revitalising the Hyderabad real estate market.


Since mobility and face-to-face interactions will be limited for the foreseeable future, home buyers are increasingly searching for properties online. To address this online demand, developers are providing 3D virtual walkthroughs and full documentation on their websites and third-party directories for greater transparency. For example, developers can share regular photos and videos to show the status of each project so buyers have an updated view of progress.


The website should be a comprehensive platform showcasing multiple projects in different cities and locations. It should also provide home buyers with an immersive and personalized web experience.


The integration of automation tools will help assist with lead nurturing through emails, social media and online advertisements. Digital platforms allow for the collection of data which play a major role in the planning and design of digital marketing initiatives.

Last updated on July 26, 2021

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