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How Home Layouts & Amenities Are Evolving in 2021

The year 2020 forced the real estate sector to evolve and adapt to the new normal. The growing trend of Work-From-Home transformed our homes into productive workspaces. In many ways, the changes to home layouts brought about in 2020 are here to stay in 2021 and beyond.

While mitigating the impact of the pandemic has been the priority of all sectors, the real estate industry is striving to adopt the required changes and envision new home layouts and structures.

As working, studying, and celebrating at home is the norm, people are adapting themselves as per the new functionality and infrastructure of their homes. This has led the developers and homebuyers to reconsider the way they live and envision new home structures for the future. New ideas are swiftly being brought to the fore for providing a better lifestyle with all safety measures to the home buyers.

As people are more homebound than ever before, the way residences can accommodate the demands of this new and unprecedented era has gained the spotlight. Homes are playing a greater role than ever in our daily lives so more activities and services need to be added. Moreover, this new reliance on modern amenities and facilities in homes will persist in the post-pandemic world.

Based on the current trends and concepts that have arisen during the pandemic, top developers in Hyderabad are adapting their home layout designs and amenities to this new normal.

New Forms of Home Office
With work from home being the new normal, people are forced to work from their personalized spaces. Home setups are now perfectly designed for your office space. Reputed developers are offering spacious and luxurious living spaces for a productive and family-friendly workplace.

Extended Entryways
Real estate has been adopting a concept similar to the hospitality industry. In order to keep the home premises safe, entryways will be extended and transitioned wherein you can greet delivery persons and visitors in a safe manner before entering the house.

Smart Kitchen Design
With people more inclined to stay at home and manage their regular activities, the importance of kitchens has increased. Smart kitchen designs will be more prominent focusing on hands-free technology. This means bringing into use voice-activated technology like faucets and appliances. Hosting an array of smart amenities at your residence will surely allow a greater degree of flexibility and adaptability.

Private Outdoor Space
Our love for the outdoors and nature has increased majorly since the lockdown days. Going for a walk and sitting on the bench is now a source of freedom and joy for many. However, there are still many restrictions in general public areas.  Realizing the need and importance of having such spaces, homes now offer landscaped gardens, children’s playgrounds, walking paths, and recreational amenities.

Last updated on July 23, 2021

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