How Luxury Apartments Differ from Regular Apartments

Luxury projects have experienced a revival in Hyderabad’s real estate market. In reality, Hyderabad’s luxury project market has grown significantly during the past few quarters. Experts in real estate are hopeful that in the upcoming years, there would be an increase in demand for luxury flats in Hyderabad. Luxury flats now elevate the bar in terms of quality, comfort, and convenience. Here is a detailed list of qualities that distinguish regular from luxury flats in case you are unaware of the distinctions between the two: 

  1. The Cost: Your attention will immediately be drawn to the increased price of a luxury flat. But don’t worry, the reason why luxury flats are so expensive is that they offer a high standard of living. Simply put, premium prices fit the higher quality of living you might anticipate when purchasing this opulent home.
  2. Height from floor to ceiling: One of the most prominent features of luxury flats is this one. In a luxury apartment, a ceiling height of 12 feet or more is optimal. Anything less, and the apartments no longer qualify as luxurious. There is no set standard for standard apartments, but the typical floor-to-ceiling height is 10 feet.
  3. Aspects of comfort: Luxury apartments are distinguished from conventional apartments by the features and comforts they provide. Numerous amenities are provided in luxury apartments for the comfort of the occupants. The use of premium building supplies and fixtures is another distinguishing feature of luxury apartments.
  4. Efficient and secure living quarters: Luxury residences’ security is substantially higher. A stress-free lifestyle is guaranteed by amenities like emergency buzzers, intercoms, and top-notch security installations, which are key factors of luxury apartments. Numerous luxury apartment developments also have solar generators, emergency medical and accident relief rooms, and safe rooms.

Luxury apartment buildings could require a little more investment than regular ones. However, the higher standard of living and enhanced lifestyle makes up for the additional costs. Check out Aparna Zenon and Aparna Kanopy YellowBells for luxury living. 

Last updated on September 9, 2022

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