How To Check The Construction Quality Of A Real Estate Property?

An investment in any Real Estate Property is mostly a huge one with long-term plans intact. The way we inquire about the whereabouts and quality of anything we buy in the market, we look forward to doing the same while buying a Real Estate Property, only on a bigger scale. We wonder about the parameters and the weightage we have to give to those aspects when looking to evaluate a Real Estate Property.

The Real Estate Property market in the current days is flooding with new entities. We can acknowledge a growing demand and surge in land prices in the current Real Estate Property market. And with the arrival of new Real Estate Property developers competing with each other, various Real Estate Property developers in the market are all set to offer a range of residential units at attractive prices. To not make a wrong move in an era like this, you need to verify that the Real Estate Property the builder is offering you is of high quality. To make this process easier for you, we listed down a few factors you might want to consider before committing:

Checking the Wall Thickness

Everything you are expecting from a Real Estate Property you are buying is in the legal documentation for your property, including the thickness of the walls in the house. Approach a qualified architect and examine the property walls personally. A simple knock or tap against the wall can help you understand if the wall is internally solid or hollow. 

A Quality Check of the Concrete Mixes

The most crucial aspect of any Real Estate Property is its quality. Concrete constitutes more than half of the volume of any building making it a crucial constituent. The strength of the concrete determines the weight building can carry. In general, the developers conduct various concrete checks before starting the construction, but such tests daily are a difficult task. To avoid it is better to use ready-mix concrete.

Fittings & Accessories

Not long after the construction, many Real Estate Properties go through a phase of accessories breaking and rusting in the Kitchen and Bathroom, including items such as faucets and shower heads. The bathroom must be level, and the tiles used in both rooms reflect the overall building quality. Make sure you are not hearing any creaking sound when opening the doors. Small accessories like door handles, window bolts, metal meshes, and electric boards deserve all the needed attention.

Design of the Structure

The basic structural architecture of the building comprises the walls, beams, columns, and roofs that define the sturdiness and strength of the entirety. The design should be in such a way that it provides optimum safety and durability and is ready to face any unexpected natural calamities considering the location.

Safety Aspects

The safety precautions like a fire escape, seismic resistance, and emergency evacuation should be kept in check. The size and space of the staircases should be comfortable to accommodate two people at least.

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Last updated on August 1, 2022

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