How to Maximise Natural light in your Home

Natural light has immense benefits for your health and wellbeing. Sunlight is the major source through which you receive Vitamin D which is vital for your body. Moreover, natural light enhances your mood, sleep quality and vision. A brightly lit space brings more positivity and energy to your home. Another advantage of sunlight pouring in to your home is that it helps to conserve electricity during day time. A well-ventilated and airy room requires less artificial lighting and thus you don’t have to switch on the lights for longer hours. Many apartments may not get adequate amount of natural light due to their remote location amidst trees and other obstructions. Here are some ways to maximize natural light in your apartment.

Keep your windows clean & clutter-free

A clean window will let in more light as compared to a stained one. If you have glass windows in your apartment, a lot of dust and dirt will accumulate on the surface over a period of time. Perform a routine of cleaning your windows at least once in two or three weeks to ensure more quality light entering your room. Ideally, you can use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off the dust from glass surfaces. If you have kept large indoor plants or any other heavy decorations on the window sill, it is better to remove them to allow maximum light to come in. Also, do a routine trimming of any tree branches and creepers that may be blocking the window light.

Avoid darker shade paints for walls

Do not use dark color shades for your walls and ceiling. Consider painting your ceiling plain white to allow more natural light to spread around the room. It also makes sense to choose light color furniture and home accessories too. For example, if you are buying a floor rug for your room then consider getting one with light color shades like white or grey. This will enhance the beauty of your space and help brighten up the room. Matte finish wall coat is a great choice as it allows light to reflect in every direction.

Choose light-colored curtains

Picking the right color for your curtains has a great impact on room lighting. While choosing new curtains, you can consider white or light colored shades instead of darker shades to let more light to filter in through the windows. Another alternative to having curtains is installing blinds which are very easy to open and close as per your requirements.

Place mirrors to reflect maximum light

If you are setting up your interiors, bring home a variety of mirrors to adorn your rooms. Mirrors will not only add beauty to a space but will also reflect natural light and create a feeling of more light in your apartment. Ideally, you can place mirrors opposite the windows and balcony glass doors to make the most of the light coming in. Nowadays interior designers give a lot of importance to mirrors as they add more charm and brightness to a space. Installing a full-length mirror in your bedroom is a great idea to illuminate the room with natural light. The major benefit of adding mirrors is that they are stylish as well as functional.

Despite all these above hacks, it is important to have an interior that is designed well as per the building structure. Eventually, it all comes down to to the structure and placement of the house. If you want to look out for the luxury flats that are flexible and lively, you should not miss out on Aparna Zicon & Aparna Zenon.

Last updated on May 7, 2022

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