How to Maximize Space in Your Home

Maximizing space in the home is an important interior design practice that makes rooms feel less congested and more inviting. These are some quick and simple tips that you can use to make the most of your space. Some of the measures are to be taken while planning the spaces and some others can be done after the construction. 

Paint it white

Creating an illusion of space will help you make the space look large and airy. Use light colours, ideally something as light and bright as white on all the walls. Use similar toned curtains and doors to create a sense of continuity and openness. Avoid any form of wall treatment in varying colours as this makes a space look small.

Multipurpose Furniture

Opt for furniture that is multifunctional. A bench that is meant for the dinner table can also double up as additional seating in the living room if necessary. Foot rests can be used for seating and a bay window can be used as a seat as well as storage. Items like this will save up space and serve dual purpose eliminating the need for more furniture. Stackable furniture like stackable stools and tables are also a great inclusion to a small area. They occupy little space but can be used to seat or accommodate many people.

Space Saving Furniture

There has been great progress in the realm of space saving furnishing. From simple folding chairs to retractable beds, there are so many options to choose from. These are one of the most reliable ways to maximise space as a lot of space can be created by just folding or retracting a certain piece of furniture. There are also items that can be expanded, thus making room to accommodate a greater number of people when the need arises.

Include your balcony

Use folding doors and add simple seating in your balcony. When needed you can open the balcony doors and include that space into your living room. This helps in seamlessly blending in the two spaces, making it instantly airy, bright, and large.


The most common mistake one makes is to keep accumulating stuff that they no longer need or use. This takes up large amounts of space making it look smaller and untidy. The most important method to maximise space in a small home is to keep it tidy and free of clutter.

Transparent Partitions

Instead of solid walls, it is better to opt for transparent walls which help in creating an illusion of space thus maximizing space in a small room. Frosted glass walls and transparent partitions are some ways to achieve this look. Sliding walls and doors are also a great way to make the space more fluid which ends up making the space look large and airy. Combining translucent walls with sliding panels will help in creating privacy and creating an illusion of space.

But to incorporate these changes and renditions, all you need is a spacious home inclusive of all the modern-day amenities. If you are looking for the same, then Aparna Zenon & Aparna Yellow KanopyBells might just be that.

Last updated on May 4, 2022

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