Amenities and Open Spaces in Residential Property

Importance of Property Amenities and Open Spaces

Amenities play a vital role in choosing a good-quality residential real estate property. Amenities are features such as clubhouse, swimming pools, and gym that enhance the desirability of residential apartments. They contribute a great deal to the pleasure and enjoyment of the residents. There is an obvious and unavoidable connection between the social infrastructure of a residential project and the well-being of its residents.

The constantly increasing levels of stress due to the busy work-life schedule has resulted in an increased need for amenities in residential properties. Homes are also evolving along with the changing work conditions. Homes have become much more than just a place to arrive from work and rest. They have evolved into a personal haven where one relaxes and at the same time enjoys in the best possible way.

In fact, amenities are becoming the deciding factor for the best residential apartments. With better amenities, more home buyers are attracted to that project.

A residential project includes people of all age groups. Having great amenities and good open spaces helps take care of the needs of each of them. Some of the commonly offered amenities by residential apartments include:

  • Kids play area.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Sporting facilities like cricket net, basketball, tennis courts, squash.
  • Indoor games.
  • Clubhouse.
  • Landscaped gardens.
  • Wide-open spaces.
  • Parks and more

Open spaces and amenities play a great role in engaging different demographics. While the kids play in the children’s play area, the elderly can take a walk in the beautifully landscaped parks to enjoy the fresh air. Youngsters and working men and women can spend quality time of leisure in the swimming pools and gym. Having something for every age group gives a significant advantage over its competitors to any residential property.

Modern homebuyers are tricky and they look for everything a developer can offer beyond quality homes. Amenities and open spaces are high on this list of extras. As there is an increasing demand for amenities, residential real estate developers are coming up with more and more unique and creative amenities for its residents. This trend is picking up pace as more and more buyers have listed amenities as a mandatory requirement for purchasing homes.

So why is there a sudden increase in the demand for amenities and open spaces? The modern lifestyle is extremely busy and stressful. Work is just one of the many factors that cause stress. It could be anything from traffic to increasing pollutants. Due to such discomforts, people look for homes in a setting that calm their minds and has features that ease their stress levels. Residential properties with good amenities and wide-open spaces provide the ideal solution to this problem.

Last updated on April 29, 2022

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