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An exclusive and purpose built gated community often have features that make you feel privileged and gives you a holistic lifestyle. The amenities present inside these communities often give you a feeling that you are amidst a top rated resort. Privileges may vary from community to community but almost every reputed builder offers some key recreational facilities which give you a scope of enjoying both solitude and socializing.

Be the Social Bee: Every well planned out gated community boasts of having a large social hub called the clubhouse. When you have more “points of contact” built into the design of the community, casual interactions and the occasional longer conversations gets embedded into the fabric of your life. When such interactions become a daily routine, your children too get exposure and begin to gain valuable social skills that can be of great help in their lives.

You will also have numerous opportunities to interact with your teenaged children, especially when you are eager to stay in their loop and they give every indication of wanting to keep you out of it.

Take the plunge: Some gated communities boast of fabulous Clubhouses with their Olympic size swimming pool and spa. Surrounded by shady trees the pool area often looks like a true oasis in the heart of Hyderabad. Take a dip to cool off, or relax in the spa with a nice cold drink.

Next to the pool area, there could be a picnic area with barbecues so you can bring your lunch down or plan a dinner with your buddies under the starry skies.

Be a sport: If you feel more energetic, dribble on the basketball court or catch up with your tennis partners. Some gated communities provide a recreation field where you can kick or throw a ball around or perhaps fly a kite with your children.

Polish your skill: You may even find a golf putting green to practice your swing. If the gated community residents are a little more adventurous, you could have a ‘climbing ribbon’ installed, the older children will love you for.

Relax in style: Inside the air-conditioned clubhouse, there is usually a lovely large lounge area with a widescreen television, perfect for relaxing out of the heat. Or if you are a fitness buff you will find a fantastic fitness center with all the popular equipment waiting for you — cycling machines, treadmills and multi-gym workout stations amongst many others.

All in all, a modern, well designed gated community will add an entirely new dimension to your life, with every aspect connected to the community guaranteed. In short, you can look forward to an extraordinary gated community life.

Last updated on July 4, 2017

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