Invest in the most desirable location in Hyderabad: Nallagandla

As Hyderabad continues its prominence as a major IT hub, many areas in the city are gaining interest for their location, connectivity, and investment potential. Chief amongst these areas is Nallagandla, located between Gachibowli and BHEL Township. To invest in Nallagandla is to invest in the future of Hyderabad. 

The Hottest Residential Destination in Hyderabad: Invest in Nallagandla.
Nallagandla was a little-known and under-developed area until the IT industry became a fast-growing hub in Hyderabad. The large commercial spaces were developed in what is today known as the IT hubs of the city. Nallagandla has emerged as a key residential destination for employees from the IT campuses in Gachibowli and HITEC City. Once the IT/ITeS companies established their operations in the area, the requirement for housing of its workforce became a major factor. The need for housing became especially acute since most of the workforce for the IT industry is from outside Hyderabad. Nallagandla caught the eye of the employees of the IT industry because of its proximity to major IT hubs such as Gachibowli and HITEC City. This was the spark that set off the growth trajectory of Nallagandla.

Connectivity Across West Hyderabad
Nallagandla is strategically located to be highly accessible to major IT and financial hubs as well as connected to major transportation routes. Nallagandla is located between the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the Old Mumbai Road which makes it easily accessible to important parts of the city. Additionally, Lingampally railway station is in close proximity and can be reached easily from BHEL Township. Connectivity is further improved by the construction of Tellapur flyover across the railway station for easy and fast access to Nallagandla. The flyover will provide easy access to the commercial hubs at Chandanagar and Lingampally.

Social & Business Infrastructure
While Nallagandla itself is rapidly growing and becoming a residential hotspot, nearby areas including Lingampally and BHEL Township also have established social and business infrastructure, from which Nallagandla further benefits. The Nallagandla area is characterized by wide roads, a pollution-free environment, and lush greenery. Infrastructure improvements are also in the pipeline with upcoming plans for new growth corridors along the Outer Ring Road. Combined with its strategic proximity to the IT and Finance hubs, Nallagandla’s residential infrastructure makes it very desirable to executives and their families alike.

Maximum Investment Potential
Nallagandla is a premium destination for residential real estate investment and is likely to yield good results. With Gachibowli and surrounding areas expected to witness further growth in the IT/ITeS segments, demand for residential projects in Nallagandla will increase in the future. As more global companies set up their headquarters in close proximity, the demand for real estate is likely to grow. The companies which have expressed interest in Nallagandla are primarily from the IT sector, followed by banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, and outsourcing. This activity in the commercial sector is expected to positively impact the demand for homes in Nallagandla as more professionals will shift to Hyderabad. Infrastructure improvements across Nallagandla are also in the pipeline with plans for 13 growth corridors along with the ORR. These developments will boost prices in adjacent areas including Nallagandla.

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Last updated on December 15, 2017

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