Key amenities to look for in gated housing communities

A gated community is a residential neighborhood within a closed gated perimeter with 24/7 security service and many modern amenities. Gated housing communities may seem expensive, but offer unparalleled security, one-stop facilities, well-designed homes, and high-quality living.

If you wish to upgrade your living standards by moving to a gated community but are a newbie in real estate, this blog will surely help you understand the essential amenities to look for in a gated community.


Approval of the Property

The first and the most crucial factor to look for before investing your hard-earned money is if the property is approved by government bodies like RERA, urban and local agencies, and banks. Without these approvals, there might be a chance of things going out of track in its initial stages.


Safety and Security

Safety and security is a matter of urgent importance these days. It also happens to be the priority and primary purpose of a gated community. Strict vetting and limitation of access to outsiders keep you and your family safe. Gated communities such as Aparna Luxor Park provide 24/7 security and surveillance, among other facilities.


Play Area for Children

Fresh air and physical activities are necessary for your children’s health and fitness. Gated communities provide a playing field for children within the walled perimeter to ensure children’s good health as well as safety. Check if your community offers the same for your child’s lively childhood.


Water and Power Supply

Water scarcity and power interruption can be a problem, especially during the humid Indian summers. Gated communities with eco-friendly constructions for rainwater harvesting and usage of renewable energy are ergonomic. They also put a lesser strain on the environment.

Aparna One is one such project that is dedicated to eco-friendly constructions and comes with a Pre-Certified Gold Rating by IGBC.


Sports and Fitness Centres

Health is often one of our top priorities, which is why gated communities take additional measures to keep their residents fit. They have health training facilities like gymnasium, jogging track, fitness station, yoga hall, or a meditation hall within the community.

Additionally, some places offer a wide range of sports facilities like basketball courts, badminton courts, or an area for other indoor games. Gated communities like Aparna Kanopy Marigold include a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and even a skating rink.


Recreational Facilities

Gated housing communities also take care of your and your families’ recreational activities. They offer additional facilities, such as a spa, crèche, dog park, party lounge, preview theatre, cafeteria, multipurpose hall, clubhouse, and more.

Each community will vary in terms of the luxury and leisure time facilities it offers, so do your due diligence and assess your unique requirements when deciding on a housing project.



Gated housing communities might seem a bit expensive, but they offer features that you cannot otherwise find in ordinary homes, making them well worth the investment. The amenities mentioned above will undoubtedly help you lead a happier and more comfortable life.

If security, easy property approval, and ergonomic living are what you are looking for, then ultra-luxury gated communities by Aparna Constructions are the perfect option for you.

Last updated on November 17, 2020

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