Looking for Apartments in Kompally?

Looking for Apartments in Kompally?

If your search for an apartment or gated community in Hyderabad has brought you to Kompally, then rest assured you’re on the right track! This residential area has the best of both worlds: it is located sufficiently far away from the noise and pollution, while also being well-connected to major points in the city. Situated 20 km to the north of Hyderabad, it is right on NH-44 (the longest national highway in India, and earlier known as NH-7) and is in high demand as a residential hub. Here are more reasons why Kompally apartments can be the best decision you will ever make.


  • Perfect location

As mentioned before, Kompally has the benefit of being close to the city but not quite in the middle of its commotion. You get to experience the comfort of natural landscapes while the facilities of the city also remain accessible.

  • Great connectivity

The Kompally residential area is well-connected to major spots in the city. It is only 1.5 km away from the Gundlapochampalli MMTS station. As it is located on a national highway (NH-44), heavy vehicle transport and access to other cities become easier. Daily life necessities such as colleges, schools, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, hotels, etc. abound in the area. The well-known Kennedy International School, DRS International School, CMR Engineering College, Balaji Multispeciality Hospital, etc. are located nearby. It is also close to IT hubs such as HITEC City and Mahindra Tech Park. 

  • Wide range of facilities

Flats in a gated community are guaranteed 24/7 security. Other common facilities such as the gym, library, high-speed internet, swimming pool, outdoor cafeteria, pharmacies, preview theatres, children’s play area, essentials stores, etc. are always at your disposal.

  • Sense of community

The best thing about a gated community is the social space it provides for bonding with other residents. The common facilities and spaces encourage group activities such as exercising or picnicking with neighbours. While you will never feel isolated, the spacious apartments also provide enough personal space so that you don’t feel suffocated.

  • Increasing demand

Kompally apartments are in great demand as property development is booming in the area. The great living conditions and the constantly improving infrastructure continue to attract investments as they promise a good payoff.

  • Reasonable prices

All of these facilities come at a reasonable price, making Kompally apartments a good buy. You can even invest money in the property and get rental income in return.


If all you need is some more details to seal the deal at Kompally, check out Aparna Serenity, a project of luxurious gated community apartments by Aparna Constructions. As the name promises, our project is located at the green and clean Suchitra Junction and offers both peace and luxury in the same package. You can also check out our other Kompally apartments in Aparna Kanopy Marigold, which is conveniently located away from the chaos of traffic and close to nature. For a lot more options, head over to our projects and be spoilt for choice! Make this wise investment today, for a comfortable tomorrow!


Last updated on December 13, 2021

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