Must Invest in Apartments Under Construction in Kompally

Apartments under construction in Kompally are the newest investment opportunity in Hyderabad.  While Kompally is quickly gaining prominence as the next residential hub of Hyderabad, specifically under construction apartments with modern amenities are being sought after for their investment potential.

Under construction, apartments offer numerous advantages including ease of making payments, price appreciation and more available options. Here are a few reasons to consider apartments under construction in Kompally for your property investment.


Ease of Payments

When purchasing under construction apartments, it is usually at a lesser cost and more cost-effective payment schedule than ready-to-occupy properties.  If factors such as location, area, property type and builder are same, a ready-to-occupy apartment costs more than an under-construction apartment.


Price Appreciation

As the popularity of apartments under construction in Kompally grows, this attracts more infrastructure development and a greater chance of price appreciation of the property. This is a major advantage of buying under construction apartments.


More Options

When you book an under construction apartment, you get wider choices and more options to choose from. Builders are regularly launching new projects, especially in hot spots like Kompally. You can choose allocation and even the floor of your apartment as per your wishes and convenience.


RERA Compliance

RERA ensures that your under construction apartment will be delivered on time. Any property with Occupation Certificate as on 1 May 2017, is mandated to be registered under their States’ RERA. Under construction properties, therefore, will come under RERA and thus, become liable to comply with fair trade practices. Buyers can avail information regarding these properties on their respective State’s RERA website and even seek speedy grievance redressal by the Appellate Tribunal of RERA.


Better Facilities

The best builders will offer you great deal in terms of constructed area and facilities. If you are considering apartments under construction in Kompally, there are numerous amenities that can be availed. The growing interest in Kompally is pushing builders to offer the most value at affordable prices. These builders will offer you various facilities for convenience and recreation, especially within a gated community.

Last updated on May 30, 2018

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