Why are people choosing to live in gated communities?

More and more people are choosing to live in a gated community, and this led to the evolution of the real estate industry. With cities growing and soaring population, everyone is in search for that one place called home. The popularity of gated communities is rising exponentially as the country deals with concerns about comfort, and security.


But with increasing stress are you ready to take up the burden of home maintenance, security, safety, etc.?


No, right?


That’s like 90% of the people who want to live stress-free. Needless to say, people prefer a gated community over a standalone villa or an apartment building as there’s a lot more on offer.


Here are a few key reasons why most of the people choose to live in a township or gated community than an independent house:


Round the clock Security

The promise of security and safety is the leading reason for the change in preference. Every gated community offers 24*7 security, surveillance staff in charge with strictly controlled gates and a walled enclosure. Smart home security devices can also act as gatekeepers and keep the residents safe.



Gated communities ensure the safety of your family in every way. The availability of space within the gated community brings children closer to nature and allows them to play around. That’s why young parents prefer to live in a house with their private garden, as opposed to living in a cramped apartment building. Not only children, but gated communities are also safe for the elderly as it gives them the opportunity to walk around and enjoy.


Unique architecture

Everybody desires to have their dream home. New homeowners are no longer willing to settle for regular architecture and design; they want something unique. It indicates the need for the developers to come up with exclusive and individual plans for buildings.


Range of amenities

Another advantage of living in a gated community is that everything you need is always close by. Beyond just a swimming pool, a gated community should be equipped with outdoor sports facilities, clubhouse, gym and include crèche, and supermarket. With a well-built clubhouse, you will rarely have a dreary day in a township. It is an added sign of quality when beautifully landscaped gardens and walkways enhance these amenities.


Neighbours not strangers

An obvious benefit of a township is that of a community. Imagine living in a township which offers privacy and open space, but also the opportunity to network and know people from different fields.


Gated communities which have amenities like a clubhouse, gym, etc. build communities where people can interact and bond. Communities that you can turn to any time you need help. Communities that your children can grow up with. And societies where you can build lifelong relationships with people who eventually become a part of your extended family.


Last updated on January 3, 2019

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