Real Estate in Kompally, the best investment option today!

Investing in land and property is no child’s play. Parting with your hard-earned savings for a long-term prospect requires a level of commitment for which a lot of reassurance is necessary. But when you do find that faith, it is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make for the betterment of your life. If you’ve held on to a lifelong dream of leading a luxurious life in a comfortable place, you should check out real estate in Kompally. Here’s why Kompally real estate can be a great deal:


  • Good connectivity

What most people look for in a place they plan to settle down in, is good transportation and commutation systems. Kompally is a perfect residential area that is well-connected to major spots in the city. It is located on National Highway 44 (the longest-running national highway in the country), which means that major cities nearby remain accessible. The Gundlapochampally MMTS station is just 1.5 km away, so the local train system of Hyderabad is at your disposal. It is also quite close to the Outer Ring Road (only 5 km away).


  • Great infrastructure

You would definitely want to avail yourself of all the comforts that city life provides. Kompally does not disappoint in this regard. In fact, the area is now experiencing a real estate boom thanks to the development of its commercial complexes, banks, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Not far from its residential centres are the famous St. Ann’s School, Loyola College, Sadhana Multispecialty Hospital, D-mart, and IT hubs such as HITEC City and Mahindra Tech Park.


  • Perfect location

Who wouldn’t want to live in an area that is serene and covered in lush greenery! Real estate in Kompally prioritises the mental well-being of residents. So while you do get to enjoy the luxuries of the city, you are also sufficiently far away from its commotion and pollution. The spacious landscapes of Kompally residences allow you to experience the bliss of living close to nature.


  • Rising demand

Thanks to the ideal location, great facilities, and luxurious spaces, real estate in Kompally is seeing a rise in popularity. The affordable rates invite investors and clients who may buy property in anticipation of appreciation in the future, or even for good rental income.


  • In-house facilities

Most residential projects at Kompally come with their own convenience stores, libraries, gyms, swimming pools, parks and playgrounds, amphitheatres, high-speed internet, and 24/7 security. These common facilities enable group activities that help build your social circle and give you a sense of community.


We at Aparna Constructions have identified the great potential of real estate in Kompally and have designed luxurious apartments that may just contain your dream home! Our Aparna Serenity gated community apartments are located at the clean and green Suchitra Junction, where you can have a peaceful life surrounded by nature. With Aparna Kanopy Marigold, you will get the benefits of stylish living at the same time as a commotion-free, quiet life. Head over to our projects for more details, and rest assured, this is an investment you can trust. 

Last updated on October 23, 2021

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