Thanisandra Area Review: What makes it special?

From the quiet 1980s to the IT rush era of the 2000s, Bangalore has matured in a very charming way. A city rising slowly is a beautiful thing to witness.

Life in Bangalore has always been about the subtle balance of urbanisation and nature. The climate, scenic beauty, and career opportunities add more grace to its appeal.

Most people shifting base to Bangalore prefer to settle down in Thanisandra. Are you wondering what might be the reason? Well, Thanisandra area review says it all!


  1. A prime location – Thanisandra is the crown of North Bangalore. The location brings the whole world to your doorstep. With every passing day, the traffic on Bangalore roads is getting worse. So, if you are planning to buy a home in the city, it is wise to stay in a place that has its own set of infrastructure. According to Thanisandra area review following are the pros of the locality.

Manyata Tech Park                       2 km

Nagwara Junction                         4 km

Kirloskar Business Park                 8 km

Hebbal Lake                                  9 km

Banaswadi Railway Station            8 km

Bangalore International Airport    25 km


  1. The future infrastructural development plans – A metro station is proposed in the district. In addition to it, the main road is also being expanded which will allow a direct toll-free flow to Bangalore International Airport. This will cut-off the distance by a few kilometers and also save time. New arrangements are on the progress that includes MS Ramiah North City, Anam Enclave, Telecom Layout (Sanchar Nagar). All of these will make Thanisandra an irresistible investment-zone. Also, projects have been financed to extend the water pipeline through the entire stretch on Thanisandra main road to provide 24X7 uninterrupted water supply. Talking about electrical facilities, the whole area is going through an upgradation. With all of these, Thanisandra area review certainly looks promising.


  1. Zero investment risks – Thanisandra is still a developing area. But keeping in mind the aggressive progression rate, the prices are soon to touch the sky. Currently, prices are 20% less than eastern Bangalore. Considering the alternative route to the airport that has been proposed, in all surety, the price is set to rise high. So, afford it when it’s affordable.


  1. Hospitals – When you have a demanding job you need to keep your mental and physical health in a nourishing sink. And also talking about family, any sort of medical emergencies will be attended quickly at any hour of the day. The number of specialised hospitals is increasing every year. Imagine your home near hospitals like Regal, Cratis, Shivam Vishwa Multispeciality Hospital, Shree Vijayalakshmi Hospital, and Trauma Centre. You don’t have to take the patient through a congested road or drive a long way to reach a health care station.


  1. Education – When it comes to schools, parents always feel that they should be nearer to the house. It gives a sense of protection to both the parents and the kid. Schools like Rashtrothana Vidya Kendra, Sincliar’s High School, Touch International School are all in the locality.


  1. Entertainment – Catch all your favourite superstars at the nearest malls. Elements Mall, Phoenix Market City, Esteem Mall are all located near you to save a long exhausting drive.


If you are planning to own a house in Bangalore go through this Thanisandra area review. You will know where to invest.

Last updated on October 4, 2019

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