Impact of the Real Estate Sector on the Environment

The Impact of the Real Estate Sector on the Environment

With flourishing urbanisation in India, the impact of real estate on the environment has always been a question that revolves around the construction sector. The real estate industry has significant responsibility for how it can effectively manage its adverse environmental effects. With perpetual improvement and demand for better living standards, maintaining environmental sustainability could put up quite a challenge. Real estate has started implementing solutions to tackle this concern. 

The Future is Green
With ‘green’ becoming the trend, there is an increased demand for buyers looking for environment-friendly projects. The basic sustainable solution is to use the resources sustainably. This could mean a solution as simple as having better ventilation in the house for improved quality of indoor air, resulting in the reduced use of air conditioners. So, the basic idea is to utilize the natural resources in such a way that the resource needs of future generations are not compromised.

Sustainability is the Key
While there is pressure on the environment and natural resources, the most common impact of real estate on the environment is land contamination. Real estate tackles this impact by wisely selecting the area for development. Focusing development in neglected areas will utilize the property and resources in a more efficient manner. This is beneficial not just for the environment, but also for the economy.

Expensive is a Misconception
If you think eco-friendly homes can cost a lot, you are wrong. It is promoting healthier and better living for people by reducing the harmful effects on the environment. The residents of green homes pay lesser bills right from the start, notably for energy and water than in the conventional buildings. As the demand for eco-friendly homes is rapidly increasing, the number of developers getting into eco-friendly homes is also scaling up. This, in fact, will lower the cost of green projects in the future.

Challenges in India
The enormous rate of real estate development in India is putting pressure on the environment. Though many developers have already adopted the green concept, some still follow the conventional method. The primary challenge for green buildings in India would be the misconception and lack of information. Requisite technology and the cost involved in construction are some of the challenging factors for many developers. In light of these challenges, Indian real estate is getting into the ‘green’ trend with the increasing demand for green projects.

Your Green Checklist
If you are planning to buy an environmentally friendly home, there are a few things you could cross off your checklist.

  • Use of energy-efficient lighting inside and outside the house
  • Ample natural ventilation to reduce air conditioning needs
  • Environment-friendly waste management
  • Rainwater harvesting and water recycling
  • Easy access to public transit to reduce the use of personal vehicles
  • Enhanced water management regulations
  • Energy star rated appliances
  • Sewerage water treatment
  • Sufficient open space and green area
Last updated on April 29, 2022

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