The Top 4 Trending Factors in Home-buyers Priorities!

One of the most popular asset classes has continued to be real estate. Particularly during the pandemic, a shift in customer preferences was noted, which included the possibility of working from home. As the pandemic has emphasized the value of having a house, homebuyers are becoming more aware and knowledgeable about their investments. The government’s efforts to promote affordable housing laws and lower the interest rates on mortgages create the ideal opportunity for homebuyers to benefit. Now, communities on the outskirts of metropolitan areas, ready-to-move-in (RTM) homes, the availability of co-working facilities, and amenities on the property are preferred by homebuyers.

  1. Favourable Ready-to-Move Homes: Slowly but surely, the real estate and construction industries are returning to normal. To reduce the biggest risk of construction delays, more investors will choose completed homes over those that are still being built.
  2. Co-working Office Space: Work from Home (WFH) is becoming more popular, thus developers are including a specific co-working space in their blueprints. The current floor plans with two or three bedrooms will have this room as an expansion. A strong WIFI connection and sufficient lighting will be the work room’s main priorities. 
  3. Smart Homes: Automated doors and voice-recognition elevators and lights are being considered to alleviate the homeowner’s mind. We seek efficiency and speed in today’s fast-paced world in all we do, even in our daily duties. Our increasing reliance on technology has permeated houses in the style of smart home automation. These features will do away with the need for contact and assist in upholding proper cleanliness and sanitation standards all around the property. 
  4. Green spaces: A higher quality of life is provided by better surroundings. The demand for eco-friendly facilities is growing as more homebuyers emphasize lowering their energy usage. Considering that most people spend their time indoors, it would be advantageous to provide balconies with larger areas and more greenery, which would also contribute to expanding the outdoor spaces.

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Last updated on September 18, 2022

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