Tips to Child Proof Your Home.

While there is nothing more urgent for you than your child’s safety, they are forever enchanted to explore exciting places and objects in your home – some safe, some not.

We understand your plight to be chasing around your little one everywhere. But that’s not the solution, right?

Here are a few tips to childproof your home and keep your children safe as they learn and grow.



Child proofs the sharp corners

Kids are prone to hold all furniture edges and end up hurting themselves. Get some foam edge guards for sharp corners of the dining table, center table, bedside table, cabinets or any other sharp furniture. Just keep all the fragile and potentially dangerous objects out of their reach and be sure to be tension free!



Keep the candles out of reach

Make sure you keep all the candles in your home locked away as kids are likely to chew on a lose candle and choke on the wax.

Also, keep all the flammable things away. You don’t want your child to accidentally set things on fire.



Wall Mount Your TV

TV stands are somehow a child’s favorite place to climb up. This increases the chances of your TV set falling super high. So take a little extra precaution and wall mount your TV immediately to avoid the mess.  Easy tip- Anchor your TV stand with the help of an industrial-strength Velcro strap through air vent holes.



A window should always have a guard:

Open windows are the most dangerous things for a crawling or walking toddler. Make sure your windows either have a guard, or the windows do not open more than 3 inches. If the window is low to the floor, a grill or a guard is a must!



Baby-safe open toilet:

Although this doesn’t seem like a problem, there are extremely high chances of that your child may fall into the commode. Adding to the fact that kids aged from 1 to 4 are the curious most, keep them safe from such accidents. Do get a swing shut toilet lock to avoid your child from opening the toilet seat.


Childproofing your home can seem like an impossible task but by keeping these 5 places in your house safe, you can loosen up even when your child is out of sight!

Last updated on September 26, 2017

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