Top 5 Home Color Trends for 2018!

Right from walking into a dramatic drawing space to stepping into a calmer bedroom to walking through the more vibrant outdoors; colors can refresh your home in so many fun ways. As darker neutrals were the ‘it hues’ of 2017, it makes sense that we went even deeper and bolder for 2018.

Well, enough with the suspense, if you are thinking about redoing your home? We have listed the top 5 home color trends to give your humble abode an extra oomph for 2018.


  1. No-fuss black

Deep Onyx more commonly described as no-fuss black is a shade that takes the route of ‘less is more’. The chalkboard like finish makes the color not very harsh for the walls and even the floors indoors.

Decor tip- If you plan on doing one of the walls with this shade of black, try and pair the furnishings and fabric in the lighter shades to bring the balance and let the chalk black be the only center of attention.


  1. Ultraviolet

This beautiful and bold purple color is one dramatic shade that will definitely provoke a conversation with your guests.

Decor tip- If you are impressed with the hue, we would suggest you try and incorporate the shade in the space that receives plenty of natural light (Dining room is one such area). Add some contrasting chairs to complete the look of purple.


  1. Courtyard green

Deep emerald with a blue-ish tint is one evergreen color ready to make your space a highlight in 2018.

Decor tip- With a color this royal and beautiful don’t stop yourself just with the wall, extend the tone to a quilted bench or even a shower curtain, we mean, why not!


  1. Power pink

Pink is not going to leave us anytime soon, and the color predictions for 2018 prove the same. Taking a gradual shift from dusty and powder pink to a more power pink, 2018 has a lot of colorful theatrics in store for us.

Decor tip- Let us de-genderize our possibilities and enjoy the color to the fullest.


  1. Metallics

Metallics are officially not a dramatic color choice for your home. In fact, metallics are the ‘new neutrals’ for 2018.

Decor tip- Coming to the important question, how to use metallics? Well, you can use it as ceiling inset with the help of a gold paper or decorate your space with golden accessories.


The colorful trends have walked right to your screens, what are you still waiting for?

Last updated on February 6, 2018

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