Isn’t it really convenient, cost-effective and entertaining to live in a locality that caters to your varied shopping needs? Less time spent in the traffic. No wasting the entire weekend in just striking off items on the shopping list. Since Chandanagar is proving to be an upcoming hub for residential properties, let’s investigate the options of Chandanagar shopping malls.


Here are the top 5 shopping malls near Chandanagar:


  • Chennai Shopping Mall:

    It offers affordable garments at Chennai rates for men, women, and children. Along with readymade clothing and sets of cut-pieces, this all-in-one mall also sells 916 KDM hallmarked gold jewelry, diamond ornaments, etc. Dominated mostly by ethnic wear, the USP of this humongous mall is the availability of a wide range of different ‘pattu’ saris. If you live near Aparna Lake Breeze at Gangaram, then you could reach the mall in just 14 minutes on wheels. The mall is located on the main road just 2.5 Kms away from Bethel Church.


  • Telkars Shopping Mall:

    Situated right on the main road of Sri Ram Nagar Colony, Chandanagar, you have Telkars Shopping Mall that offers a whole range of fabric/ cloth by meter alongside readymade garments. Being a family showroom, it caters to the garment requirements of all age groups of both the sexes.


  • S. Brothers:

    At just 14 minutes from Aparna Hill Park Silver Oaks, PJR Enclave Road (4.9 Kms away from PJR Stadium), Chandanagar, you have a multi-story branch of R.S. Brothers on the main road that leads to Allwyn Junction. It presents a thorough garment shopping experience ranging from saris and ghaagras to sherwanis and men’s kurtas in the traditional section and from t-shirts and skirts to men’s designer formal wear in the western section. The mall is so conveniently situated that it’s just 2.6 Kms away from Sridevi Theatre.


  • D’Mart:

    Among the one-stop-grocery-store type Chandanagar shopping malls, D’Mart is just 17 minutes away from Aparna Lake Breeze by car. The best part about this national-wide supermarket enterprise is that it doesn’t only solve your grocery needs at discounted prices but also provides you with furnishings, foot-ware, crockery, toys, utensil, home appliance, clothing, etc. all under one roof.


  • Max Shopping Mall:

    for a wider choice in western outfits that adhere to the latest trends, a 12-minute drive from Aparna Hill Park Silver Oaks area can take you to Max Shopping Mall. It’s among those Chandanagar shopping malls that also satiate your love for junk jewelry, makeup products, and accessories. It’s just 4 Kms away from Pochamma Temple.

It’s always advantageous to buy a home that has a good number of shopping centers nearby. To get to know the best residential property deals and apartments in Chandanagar, get in touch with the masters of intelligent homes builders – Aparna Constructions.


Last updated on September 21, 2018

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