Top 6 Innovations & Tech Advancements in the Real Estate Sector

The technological advancements in the Real estate sector have been quite slow paced compared to other industries. Even though the start was slow, the real estate sector has been adopting innovative methods in constructing homes, swiftly. These home innovations and techniques has transformed the industry as we know it. Below we review some of the top tech innovations in this sector:


Going Digital

From searching for real estate to investing or selling a property – it’s all obtainable online! With the advent of real estate sites, searching for a property online has become a seamless process. Within minutes, you can look up the property’s history, research other trends in the market, and even take a virtual tour of the neighbourhood.


Intelligent Homes

Reasonable and persistent, intelligent home concepts are emerging from the technological advancements, allowing us to customise our living spaces according to our requirements. From lighting, temperature control to security and even television screens, everything nowadays can all be regulated at a click of a button with our phones. These fascinating home automation systems are pervasive and an appealing innovation in the real estate sector.


Drone Technology

Though the guidelines for consumer drone usage are unstable, there is a big buzz adjoining the industry to use drone technology for surveillance and delivery.  An aerial video or photo of this innovation would create an amazing customer experience. This sci-fi tech tool is a simple yet effective concept to enhance the service standards of real estate.



With the new trends emerging in real estate, there is a high demand for home customization on a drive for personal actualization. The technology of home automation has regulated homes with electrical appliances by the click of a button, with an aim to change the lifestyle of the customers. Moreover, there is a major demand for walkable neighborhoods along with local shopping, food, entertainment options and personalised home interiors even. These advances are carrying real estate to new heights by providing, data, access, and expertise much more efficiently.


Green Homes

With the growing concern for the environment, the bad impact of unauthorised construction is now being recognised. To ensure any further degradation, developers are willing to invest in green building technologies and methods. Adding to the fact that there are strict government guidelines issued to maintain the ecological balance of the society.


Faster Construction Techniques

Meeting the ever-growing demand for real estate is hard. But with the advancements in construction techniques, like pre-fabrication and 3D printing, it is now possible to construct projects in less time.

Last updated on July 20, 2017

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