Top luxurious living room design ideas in 2020

A welcoming and well-designed living space helps keep the mind at ease after a long day of work. The home today is more than just a place to live; it is where we socialize, meet, and sometimes even work.

Luxury living room designs help improve your quality of stay and make homes more comfortable. A poorly designed living room gives no space for the mind to unwind and enjoy the house.

We have highlighted some of the year’s most trendy designs which will add value to your living space and encourage you to spend more time with the people you care about. Design is not just for aesthetic beauty, but to bring balance and practicality to your home.


  1. Rustic Beauty

The rustic and earthy design elements will bring a mild and calming tone to your living space while keeping a chic and sophisticated undertone. The use of earthen features can range from using terracotta pots to clay decoratives. Some of these decorations come with bright pop colorful pops that add life to your space.

This setup can be complemented with neutral color upholstery, wooden photo frames, and drapes. The use of natural wood surfaces and artificially exposed bricks will enhance the experience. Light the space with warmer lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is the new way of life. The clean and clutter-free design is easy on the eye and adds a dash of elegance. Using subtle muted colors like grey, white or light blue on your walls is a great idea. Keep your walls simple with monochromatic artwork, or free off any frames.

Compose a central seating space free of distractions with cozy furniture. Use elements like bookshelves or tall pedestal lamps to decorate your space. Invest in single color furniture and tables. Use items like rugs, floor cushions, and coffee tables that add value to your living space, rather than ornaments and decorations.


  1. Embrace Symmetry

Symmetry is one way to enhance the luxury of a living room. Use a handful of colors within the room in a way that they complement each other. Use square and rectangular wall frames and artwork arranged in a neat pattern.

One way to bring out the symmetry is by replicating your seating on opposite sides of the room. Use a central coffee-table as an epicenter for your planned duplication.

Keeping an eye on symmetry helps create a well-balanced living space that is inviting, comfortable, and free of distractions. Using pedestal lamps, matching upholstery, plants, or decorative wall-art are all elements that will help accentuate the harmony of your living room.


  1. Traditional Design

A traditional route is still a modern approach to luxury living room designs. The use of vases and antique furniture creates an opulent space filled with interesting experiences. Add traditional seating like diwans, ottomans, high-back chairs, and poufs.

Decorate your walls with murals, traditional artwork, or asymmetric designs. Madhubani art, Phad scrolls, and Tanjore painting are all acceptable aesthetic components. Use spotlights, and table-top artifact lamps to light your space with warm colors to highlight the magnificence of your living room.


  1. The Fun Room

Decorations and artifacts are not the only way to amplify luxury living. If you are a social animal, you want your living space to be welcoming and conducive to activities. Create a fun yet lavish space with an open bar and contemporary furnishing. Decorate your walls with symmetric photograph-frames that highlight the happiest moments of your life.

Keep your seating playful and fluid with colorful chairs and recliners. The use of colorful rugs will spark the fun factor of your room. Consider re-flooring your living space with wood or carpet to intensify the comfort.



Here is a bonus tip; the view from your living room is the best source of luxury in modern homes. Homes of today are designed to offer distinct views and provide the utmost privacy, without compromising the sense of community living.

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Last updated on August 28, 2020

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