Top must have features while choosing value apartments

Finding your dream apartment within your budget is no easy task. It requires painstaking research, time investment, as well as an assessment of your finances. The perfect value apartment should meet your needs in every aspect before you settle on it.

When looking for an apartment to settle in, there are a few features and facilities you absolutely cannot do without. While you can settle on some luxuries, these 5 features need to be there in the apartment before you make it your home!



Security Facilities

When you buy an apartment, you need to be sure that you and your family will be protected. Most gated communities have security facilities that are up to the mark. Still, you need to assess the technology that they use as well as the efficiency of the security team.

Many gated apartments use apps that allow visitors only when they receive confirmation from the residents, therefore restricting the entry of salespeople and unwanted persons. This, along with the usage of security cameras in the common areas and building entrances, can assure the safety of you and your family.


Parking Area

In some properties, you might need to separately purchase parking spaces. In case you have a vehicle, you must check for their availability in the first place. Many gated communities do not allow residents to park their cars inside if they do not own a parking spot.

Therefore, you need to check if your apartment comes included with the parking space, and if not, what the charges for the same would be. In the long run, owning your own parking space might end up being profitable than using rented space.


Ventilation and Sunlight

You want your home to be a bright and welcoming space. For this very reason, when you purchase a value apartment, make sure that another building in close proximity does not block it out. You can assess the wind direction, the amount of sunlight each room gets, and whether it has a balcony and other open spaces before you go ahead with your purchase.

The apartments in Aparna Kanopy Marigold in Kompally, Hyderabad are the perfect example of value apartments that are bright and airy while being well within your budget.


Member-Only Facilities

The best part of a gated community is accessing a host of member-only facilities that come at no extra cost! So, when you are selecting your apartment, be sure to check if they have common shared facilities like a swimming pool, gym, and community center, among others.

If they have additional facilities like on-campus grocery stores, it could be an added advantage!



Whether it’s your workplace, your favorite hangout spots for the weekend, or your parents’ house, the proximity of your potential new home to your most-frequented places should be a factor that you consider.

Just because it is affordable, refrain from choosing an apartment so far that you end up spending a fortune on fuel in the long run.



Finding the perfect value apartment can be a time-consuming task, but with the right amount of research, you can easily find a place that is best suited for your needs and also has all the facilities and features that you desire.

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Last updated on December 6, 2020

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